Loop da Loup

Baa Ram Wu 787

Back once again trying to persuade y’all to play Q-loop out of faction, It’s me – Baa Ram Woup!

That’s right, I’m just recycling ideas, it’s like they’re just going round and round and round in a great big shape produced by a curve that bends round and crosses itself (ed. Note – Look for more concise description)

That’s enough dad joke level word play. Let’s look at the Deck

Friday Chimp.
The main part of our engine is the combo of Imp to trash stuff drawing a card and a credit and adding a counter to Friday Chip to do it all again next turn. Simple really!

This is where it gets fun, you can install 21 targets from your deck with Q-loop – and aside from the 5 Bin breakers most of the time if you can, you should. Quick explanation why:

Whilst the additional 1c cost of installing with Q-loop is a negative you essentially save 2 clicks (1 to draw 1 to install) with every Q-loop install

This is all the tempo you should need if you are using it aggressively to draw/install your whole rig even against the fastest rush decks.

It also means a run on an empty archives is sometimes more valuable than drawing – just make sure you remember what’s coming up!

Loup’s draw 1 ability is perfect here as most turns you’ll make a run and trash something drawing 1, meaning maybe you instal with Q-loop before or after the trash depending on what you see on top of your stack. Hitting Q-loop at the end of the Corps turn is even more tempo gained.

But what are we pulling out with our Q-loop?

The quintessential Q-loop target. The most Efficient way to break a lot of ice that’s problematic for your bin breakers. (Another reason to make a dummy-run on archives first click – if you know there’s a Boomer on top, you can probably hit the remote without fear)

A very fun new toy and a great surprise Q-loop instal. Between this and Boomerangs I have had games where I hardly installed a bin breaker the whole game.

Secret Hippo = The Best hippo!

Docklands Pass
I use this deck to focus on HQ and Docklands Pass is the perfect new toy to increase this pressure. With Docklands and double Imp down its feeding time Bay Bay! (Inspiration here comes from Lime's World's Winning Hosiko Deck

And not to forget both Imp and Friday Chip are Q-loopable, as are Bin Breakers which can be fun when they corp rezzes an Enigma/Ice Wall assuming your can’t get through without the relevant breaker in the bin.

Let’s talk Consoles!!!

This is the biggest WIP part of this deck and I have been playing around with 3 different consoles and I suggest you give each a go, depending on you experience with the deck. You should only ever need to play 1 as your rig will work ‘ok’ without


Keiko – Cheap and 'boring' but with good memory – The right choice if you are struggling with econ.

Carnivore – The Fun new option – can restart your engine and save you in a tight spot, to be used sparingly if included… and worth noting that the better option here is probably –

Knobkierie – 1 Credit more but 3mu for your Imps and Botuli – The most reliable way to keep your engine online and just great synergy with botulus

(Unfortunately, we have been denied the joy of Stimhacking out a knobkierie via Q-loop but Overclocking one out can go someway to mitigating the cost)


Gambles, Liberated & Paladin. Laundry’s and Overclocks as you want to be running a lot to trigger Q-loop. Rezeki as a great Q-loop on your opponent’s turn option! No Cast’s here!

Last But By No Means Least:

DJ Steve.
(Dj Fenris for Steve Cambridge) A particularly good option if you want to feed your Carnivore and otherwise just a good way to pull back econ, trashed Botuli, lost boomerangs etc.

Mainly in the deck for Fan Fic Reasons! ;D

Could (and possibly should) be a Political Operative due to the increased amount of ‘holy crap I need to trash that right now’ targets

2 Apr 2021 gilesdavis

I will definitely be taking this for a spin, and yes I will be swapping Knob for Maw 😅

3 Apr 2021 bowlsley

As a fellow Q-Loop aficionado, I approve of this list!