Rival 3.2 (European Championships)

Laxen 584

"By far the most interesting deck full stop that I saw!"

̶ Mike Sheehan, European Champion

"This deck is amazing, I really enjoy playing against it!"

̶ Gabriel Fiedler, Nordic Champion

"I don't know you, so..."

̶̶ Dan D'Argenio, 2014, 2015 World Champion

The Combo

Valencia has a solid 50 card deck. But she also a bad pub (!), which combos well with Blackmail. Use this card to threaten remotes, poke HQ, dig R&D, or to dismantle remotes along with En Passant. It's a very well-rounded card.

Played the deck at Euros. It did well. I had a tie to top my score off with, so I was probably in ID range for top 16 cut, when Dan (who was't in a safe spot) wanted to play, and swept me. Went down hill from there.

The deck name was my phone helping spell 'rdi val'.


Hacktivist & Rumor Mill

Mostly for Moon decks. Rumor Mill is good for Caprices too which can be annoying to Blackmail through.


Another way to deal with Caprice on centrals or get central accesses (with Omar) or to disrupt SYNC Operations (Edward). Can also be used as a super-scrubber (Whizz).


Gives much more value to R&D runs after purges, especially with Obelus in play.

Obelus & John Masanori

Turns Blackmails into card draw to be able to keep a constant R&D lock. John also does a lot of work when dealing with asset spam (together with Scrubbers).


Turns 9 Blackmails into 27. Also a necessary mean to prevent ever having 3 Blackmails in the heap, which is a great way to lose against Ark Lockdown.


Backup against annoying stuff like ABT's and Oversight AIs. Never installed.



Wins some, lose some. Honestly not sure. Didn't practice this matchup enough. Scrubber + Bad Pub is great for controlling assets, and Blackmail + En Pessant can dismantle servers protecting key assets. When R&D is down to like 20 cards, Medium can do a lot of work.

Other ETF/Palana

Lock remote if able, try to set up an R&D lock. Rumor Mill is key here as Caprice can be hard to deal with. Quite even matchup.


Good matchup. You don't have to deal with all annoying ICE. Tagme is a possibility due to Obelus, but try and not go for that while to many QPMs are still in circulation. Rebirth to Kim is important to trash EoIs.


Sad times. Make your 3 Blackmails count.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all the amazing people I met and got to play at Euros. I had a blast. See you all next year.

10 Jun 2017 gejben

Alternative facts... :triumph:

10 Jun 2017 kollapse

I know it is a degenerate deck. I know this, and still I think it's one of the most fun ones I've piloted in a long time. A+ for using 12 influence on MWL.

10 Jun 2017 artsel


10 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

If Skorpios is such a bad match up, maybe add 1 or 2 employee strike?

10 Jun 2017 Laxen

Influence is super tight though, so I'd rather just take my chances not having to play any :)

10 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

You can just drop rd interface, you have 3 medium. That is 2 influence right there

10 Jun 2017 Laxen

Nah, if I drop that its probably for a planned assault :D seriously, Skorpios hasn't proven to be very good yet. No need to tech for it imo

12 Jun 2017 MikeJS

Hey @Laxen! Thanks for our games again, it was a pleasure to meet you! Really do love this deck (and the quotes).

12 Jun 2017 Laxen

Thanks @MikeJS , I like the quotes too ;)

16 Jun 2017 evilgaz

Like the deck, hate that Gejben has "Nordic Champ" next to his name.

17 Jun 2017 Laxen

@evilgaz Well, might have to edit that soon

17 Jun 2017 evilgaz

It is about time he gave it back. ;)

Any details on when the Nordics are - or where?

17 Jun 2017 Laxen

August 26 – August 27 in Varberg (sort of close to Gothenburg). 2 day event. Not all details up yet. Bit tricky to get to unfortunately : P

Link to fb event: www.facebook.com

18 Jun 2017 evilgaz

I'm sure one of you guys can pick me up from the airport ;)

19 Jun 2017 Laxen

Ask around! :) (I don't drive)