FArgus: 2nd place 5-1 Circuit Opener 2022 @ Goblin Bologna

b4ralai 982

This is a FA weyland deck.
You have to be bold and reckless, taking some calculated risks in early games but it's a lot of fun. I played it really a lot on jnet, and never got bored.

Why Argus and not Ourfit?
- Argus gives you tempo and force the runner to respect your early game. - Runners usually won't run last click, they'll have to race with you turn one and two to get enough money to contest a potential HHN (I just sometimes switch a biotic for one HHN and preemptive for boom. Lots of runners go tagme ignoring the ID if they become aware of the biotic on early turns)
- In midgame when runners get cocky on your rnd, Argus forces them to slow down enough to allow you scoring the last points.
- Despite being poor (won't be much the games where you break 15 credits) it doesn't need much money, and mausolus is an excellent defender of rnd. During mid to late game doesn't matter that much if 2 mausolus or 2 bulwark+4 bad pub are defending your rnd. But with Argus your midgame lasts longer (usually)

Just try it, it's fun to play and the race with the runner for the last 2 points is always pretty exciting. It doesn't suffer clot very much (if not at all) and you'll have lots of creative moments figuring the best way to score an empowered atlas or force a kill with double azef (yeah, that happened as well!)

For this tournament i was expecting a great amount of maxx, so i went for 3 biotic and preemptive to increase my odds against stargate, and it paid off. I managed to win against fat maxx, hivemind maxx (2 times, despite my prediction) piloted by Koga and a surprisingly good null piloted by a new but veeery good player.

Thanks to ReinaMorada, great organization. It felt good playing again the game I love with friends after long time!