Covered in Bees! 2017 (1st Place Bristol SC)

echo/ 784

Credit to Alice Rees (@Shanodin) for sending me the original decklist for this and helping test/develop it. Minor shoutout to Alex White (@VineGaryMink) for telling me that I should cut Trope from the deck.

This list is similar to other, slightly less angry versions of Val which have been in the meta recently. The main difference here is inclusion of DDoS in the place of a few other cards. I really like DDoS for keeping the pressure up after starting the Medium/En Passant attack and as an extra Siphon enabler in the early game. Hades was cut and the influence spent on Employee Strike as we found that in general the deck had completely fine card flow without needing the Shard and Strike is hugely versatile right now. Black Orchestra also goes in the bin (and doesn't come back out) because that card is a complete pain to actually break ICE with.

This deck is incredibly interesting and challenging to play, but it can really pay off and sometimes feels completely unfair to the Corp. The main obstacle is knowing when to apply pressure and working out how to use the tools available to compress the corporation's clicks. I do think Martial Law has made some matchups tougher with the advent of Friends in High Places but I still feel favoured going into games against most of the popular decks right now.

23 Jan 2017 shanodin

I've been testing this with also -1 D4v1d +1 Employee Strike just because of the sheer number of CI about at the moment. Feels good - guess it's whether you expect to see more Blue Sun or CI.

31 Jan 2017 Sixtyten

2 employee strike is vital at the moment imho