Judge, Jury, Executioner (3rd @ Dragon's Lair SC)

postis 290

With the end of the SC season creeping closer, I decided I wanted to try something spicy. With all the new Weyland goodies coming out right now, there are plenty of murder tools to choose from, and since everyone was rushing towards Jemison and Skorpios, I decided to go with this miserable time of a deck instead.

In four rounds of swiss, it dropped only one game, though one of the wins was a timed one - shame! In the cut it lost two out of two games and cost me a place in the finals. Both of those losses I attribute to my opponents keeping their heads clear and trashing bankers as fast as possible. If the deck doesn't get its engine running, the match will tend to just trickle away without getting much done. I'm considering a modified version with PAD campaigns as well - in order to secure the cash flow - but mostly I'm considering playing something else before I lose the last few of my friends. :P

Props to Mordeqai for the base list, I modified it only slightly.

Random card thoughts:

Mr. Stone was an experiment that I'm not too sure about. I did get him to trigger a couple of times, but my flatline wins were all from BOOM! anyway. I never did get the dream (nightmare) of clicking judge for infinite meat damage up and going, and the slot can probably be put to better use.

K. P. Lynn was another impulse choice, that I wanted to test with bankers or just to make a sensitive central more disgusting. It didn't come into play much so the jury's still out on that one.

Enforcing Loyalty is quickly becoming one of my favourite cards for murder corps looking for a way to handle pesky tech, or just to blow up maxx's mopus to slow her down a bunch.

SSL Endorsement is awesome. It feels great to put it on the table, have the runner waste a click and a credit and then just let the free monies roll in. That's probably an unhealthy way to think since it does give them 3 real points as well, but with so few agendas in the deck and Whampoa to smuggle them out of harm's way, I felt reasonably safe giving one of these away early for the quick boost. Just don't let them trash Whampoa.

24 Mar 2018 rubyvr00m

You need to slot a copy of Open Forum so that you actually have a Jury in addition to the Judge (Zealous Judge) and the Executioner (Mr. Stone).

24 Mar 2018 postis

Indeed, and as in all legal systems, the jury would be the biggest liability.