[Parhelion Standard] Tollbooth Meta? Full Meta Analysis

Murse 204

Who does the Turbine love? Can it love? Yes.

Turbine your arms on the back of a radio flyer wagon real fast, and take off to the Plane of Actualization.

Have you ever been in this situation? You've got a turbine, and no butter knife for your fancy tablespread?

Some consider the Turbine to be a Furbine. Don't allow yourselves to be fooled as I was.


If you punch a spinning turbine just right, your lungs become the turbine. You can trust me. I'm a medical professional. No seriously. I've seen the inside of lungs hundreds of times. Ok, so I've never had a chance to test the punching thing myself. But I have seen a rotating ultrasound device jammed into somebody's lung. That's basically a turbine. Oh, you don't think that has any bearing on the punching thing? You've obviously closed your mind to the possibilities. I have a LEGIT philosophy MINOR ok. From a REAL collage of fine arts. Don't act like you can tell me what can, or can't, turbine.

Turbines aren't actually that round. It just looks like they are when they are spinning.




My dad could beat up your Turbine.

Is turbine more useful as a noun, or a verb? I'm beginning to realize that... it was only ever a verb all along.

If turbine, then turbine. Basically it's error proof.

Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood.

9 out of ever 10 turbining accidents can be attributed to the actor that played Quark the Ferengi in Deep Space Nine. Tragic. But true.

3 noteworthy differences between a propeller and a turbine: 1. Turbines always spin counterclockwise. Propellers spin ANTIclockwise. 2. Fear drives a propeller. A helmsman drives a boat. 3. If you submerge a propeller in cottage cheese... well, you can see where I'm heading with this one...

Billy Joel. Hands down is a guy who GETS the Turbine thing. Have you ever even listened to Downeaster Alexa?

Fans, Turbines, plane props? If you put any of them DIRECTLY in front of your eyes, your tears will fling off in every direction like a sprinkler.

Turbine's got workarounds in the meta.

WARNING: The following deck description contains several references to Turbine. Proceed at risk level Ochre.

4 Apr 2023 Council

This is love

4 Apr 2023 Council

Right up there with this Postmodern Writeup


4 Apr 2023 Murse

@Jinseijust realized I'm at 48 cards. Makes a better meme, but it should have a 2nd Fairchild 3.0. And the Subliminal Messaging should be a second Sprint. I was distracted by Turbine while making the list.

4 Apr 2023 Murse

@Jinsei Also. Little known fact. I was suffering a terrible migraine for 6 hours. Wrote up this decklist, and the migraine left. It's like my body physically needed to purge itself of this brain burden.

4 Apr 2023 Council

Beautiful :)

Some raving spirits needs to be exorcised.

10 Apr 2023 Murse

Thanks to everyone who has liked this. I've been playing since 2012 and have posted very few lists because I'm not a very confident player/deck builder. At least I know how to write a salient workup. :) You all are great.

I've made a few changes to the deck since posted. Still tweeking. 1 Architect Deployment Test 1 Élivágar Bifurcation 3 Global Food Initiative 1 Luminal Transubstantiation 3 Project Vitruvius 3 MCA Austerity Policy 1 NGO Front 3 Rashida Jaheem 3 Spin Doctor 2 Biotic Labor 3 Hedge Fund 1 Predictive Planogram 3 Red Level Clearance 1 Restore 1 Sprint 1 Bio Vault 2 Manegarm Skunkworks 1 Mavirus 1 Tranquility Home Grid 1 Border Control 1 Brân 1.0 1 Hagen 1 Fairchild 2 Fairchild 3.0 2 Gatekeeper 1 Magnet 1 Tollbooth 2 Drafter 1 Sherlock 2.0 1 Týr

14 Apr 2023 exzo777

Tried that deck and it feels like a swamp. Corp is poor, how to unrez ices?

14 Apr 2023 Murse

@exzo777I had to work super hard at firing Mirrormorph nearly every turn. I've been reiterating. You are frequently running into issues of too many cards in hand, so honestly I'm thinking of cutting the Rashidas for some combination of NGOs, Tranquility Home Grid, and Subliminal Messaging.

10 May 2023 exzo777

Sometimes you click for cards for trigger mirrormorph, rashida is burden. Good changes, I will try.

10 May 2023 Murse

@exzo777 The changes help the deck a lot. The deck folds pretty hard to K2CP Turbine though (ironically).