RevCore CT

internet_potato 961

This is the Shaper deck I played in round 1 and round 5 of FightingWalloon's S3C (Stimhack 3-Core) teaching tournament. Decks are built from 3 copies of the Revised Core Set, and players can change IDs/decks throughout the tournament. I wanted to play each faction over the course of the tournament.

Shaper struck me as the strongest faction in the core set due to great economny (Magnum Opus), efficient tutoring (Test Run), and R&D pressure (Indexing and The Maker's Eye). This deck did not disappoint.

This is a straightforward Shaper big-rig deck. Retrieval Run for Femme Fatale gets you into surprising places, as does Tinkering.

All-nighter is typically either installed before you find opus (spending 1 low-value to be used for a magnum opus later on), or to help pulling off Notoriety.

My Round 1 match is recorded here. Round 5 is here