Moomins go to the beach - 2nd at Reading SC

Nemamiah 3938

This is a tweaked version of my previous Moons CI list. This style of deck is becoming increasingly popular in the UK which means that everyone is packing a significant amount of hate to combat it. This iteration is intended to have a slightly broader range of strategies available depending on how the game unfolds.

Sandburg, Ashigaru and Loki all help you win the games where you've got lots of money but can't lean on Lakshmi for whatever reason. The individual components can also be used to tax or close out a game. This is often a tricky deck to play and you need to be flexible and occasionally creative to fully exploit it.

As always, I lost one game to awful access luck. This will happen to you once every tournament that you play this deck at and is a feature not a bug.

If you want to tweak the list further then a CVS, more Sandburgs and Team Sponsorships and Restore are all good options. If you can work out what to cut please let me know.

7 Jan 2018 shanodin

I like Moomins.