Good Stuff Geist (2nd Place at SC Spieltraum, Osnabrück)

Klopstock 640

This list is based on raphaeln's Geist list and it took me to second place at the Store Championships at the Spieltraum, Osnabrück. It went 1-5 on the day (winning against a Sol Glacier list and losing to Mushin No Shin Biotech, Door to Door-Making News, EtF Glacier and twice to Rigshooter Palana) due to my poor play. Most of the games were quite close (the Sol could have been a steamroll if it weren't for my mistakes that brought him back into the game and prolonged his suffering, while I stood absolutely no chance against the D2D-MN, but other than that, there was at least no blowout). I still think this deck is really good and fun to play, I am just a really bad runner.

The first change I made to the list was swapping out the Corroder for a GS Sherman M3. I think the Sherman is a better call, because while some things are cheaper to break with the Corroder, Sherman can handle them at least okay until you find your Vamadeva, which can then take care of Vanillas, Himitsu-Bakos (really painful with Sherman) and the likes. And Sherman is just much better at breaking stuff with multiple subroutines (most notably Hive & NEXT Silver), which can be a problem with Corroder once you run out of Spikes. Then, in one of my first testing games, I faced an EtF. With lots of Code Gates on his remotes, I just couldn't get through with only 3 Crowbars per run through the deck, I lost the game handily. That's why I kicked GS Sherman M3 and Passport out of the list and included Saker and ZU.13 Key Master. Yes, Saker is basically a (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) worse Corroder, but I was willing to make that sacrifice to be able to get into remotes more regularly. In testing this change was great, in the tournament it did not really come into play (while the Sherman would have been really helpful aginst Elis and Hives), so I am unsure which one is better. Probably the older list, though.

My CI list can be found here.

20 Feb 2017 Cluster Fox

Cool list :) Small note: Tour Guide is a sentry, so unless you're using something like Tinkering or Paintbrush, you're going to have a hard time breaking it with Sherman ;)

20 Feb 2017 Klopstock

Ah! You're completely right, of course - I must've confused that one with another deck, where I am playing GS Shrike M2. Thanks for the hint! Edited the description.