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Iron_Soul 165

You really can't argue with The Cure on this one, Friday I'm in love. I'd been looking for a reason to play a deck that revolved around viruses for some time, and Friday Chip really made that decision easy. This started off as an extremely heavy virus-based deck, with the likes of Progenitors, Yusuf, Datasuckers, Festers, etc. While fun, that deck took far too long to get going. I whittled the deck down to what I thought was the most powerful combo with Ed: Imp, Gravedigger, three Friday Chips.

With Ed and Imp you can guarantee that no matter what card you see from any server, it's getting trashed no questions asked. A single Friday Chip continuously fuels that lone Imp forever, and if they purge viruses then Ed's ability or trashing with credits works just fine to get Friday Chip running again. I stumbled upon Gravedigger by accident as I was scrolling through cards looking for meaningful Friday Chip interactions, and boy let me tell you this is nasty. Three Friday Chips means you get an Imp token and two viruses on Gravedigger every turn unless you fail to trash or they purge. A purge means they lost a turn which is valuable, a failure to trash means you were likely drawing up or making money, not the end of the world.

As powerful as this combination is, it's not the entire focus of the deck. I found that building everything for Friday Chip takes too long and is prone to purges even with the likes of Acacia and/or Fester. So we use the conspiracy breakers and Security Nexus to enable actual runs. The rest of the deck is built with this in mind, link from excellent sources in The Archivist and Maxwell James, drip econ for those turns where your clicks are best spent on Gravedigger trashes, burst econ for the early game and to get things installed, and finally Laguna Velasco District for the card draw you'll inevitably need.

This deck is already in it's 10th version and still has room for tweaks, don't be afraid to play around with it. Maybe you feel like Hemorrhage is superior to Gravedigger or Professional Contacts would serve you better than Laguna. I've seen a couple decks on here try to make Friday Chip work and I think mine is the best iteration yet, but I'd love to hear feedback from the collective mind here on NRDB.

10 Mar 2018 tonybluehose

I'm definitely thinking ProCo for this deck; you still have spots for your Restricted Card as well. Maybe Rumor Mill?

10 Mar 2018 Sapph0

Yayyy I like this! It looks like one of my Reina decks! It's very similar but trashes ice instead of imp/Kim-ing cards.

I like the Laguna here. I have a lot of card slots tied up in burst draw so I can't seem to get it under 47 cards reasonably. That's an elegant solution and I'm gonna steal it. Thanks!

11 Mar 2018 Iron_Soul

@tonybluehose I've found that the card draw is better than some extra money so you can find your pieces sooner; Imp + Friday Chip is a pseudo econ engine already. That said there are definitely times where more money would help so feel free to try it with ProCo instead. After some more playtesting I think at least one copy of Rumor Mill might be nice to have. Hacktivist is still worth it so find a combination of that and Rumor Mill that works best for you.

@Medea Glad you like the deck, I've been having a blast with it.

13 Jun 2018 BlueShellGhost

Hey ``@Iron_Soul`, depsite your great description above, I'm struggling to get this deck working well. Can I ask what you would hope to see in your starting hand? I'm thinking that a Sure Gamble and a Friday Chip would be the best start, but I'm not sure. Also, if the Corp ICEs R&D and HQ first turn (as they usually do against Kim), how do you then go about securing accesses to trash cards for all your cards that require trashes to work? I really love the idea, I just can't get it clicking together.