Khumalo v5

beyoken 6033

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13 May 2018 MikeJS

Hey Ben. Just had a bunch of fun trying this out in advance of your video :) Do you think you could find a slot for 1x Trope to recur some Knifed and perhaps econ? Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchistom is probably my favourite runner to come along since Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe. The amount of zero cost trash options is staggering.

14 May 2018 beyoken

@MikeJS The weakest slots appear to be the Sec Testings, which do nothing against ice-based corps. There are probably better econ cards you can buy with that 6 inf.

14 May 2018 brightknight216

I play against this deck. My opponent has three Virus Breeding Ground out. I was almost locked until I put a 3 layer of non-barrier ice on my remote server with DNA Tracker, Komainu, and DNA Tracker and have the cred to pay for them. Maybe this deck can benefit with the use of SURFER. That can work against Jinja deck that often attempt to build strong servers with 3 or more layer of Ice.

I like to know, whether Progenitor do much this deck. Perhaps Trypano may be more useful to emphasis on ice destruction. I would take out security testing and perhaps put in another Career Fair. Not sure what will I do with the other influence. Trypano can also help support Khumalo card trashing ability.

I guess Rumor Mill is used against Marcus Batty, Mason Bellamy, and Bryan Stinson. Toying with the idea whether I should have Rumor Mill, Film Critic, or Employee Strike. What do you think?

17 May 2018 Murse

I'm loving this deck. Curious though. 5 slots for mem is pretty intense. Would cutting a Knobkierie put too much stress on finding one of the remaining members cards?/how long can you skate by on 4 mem with this deck?

21 May 2018 phette23

One thing that strikes me about this deck is 0 multiaccess. Freedom loves single accesses & they become easy with this deck, plus you have pseudo-RDI with Freedom's ability (trash first card, run again for fresh access) but I'd love to fit The Turning Wheel in here somewhere. Weak slots look like Sec Testing, Ice Carver, 3rd Knobkierie to me. I'm super surprised Laamb/Yusuf works this well, sweet brew @beyoken.