Worlds 2014 #1 Seed - Broke A$$ Shite

spags 7953

My corp deck for Worlds 2014. Got me the #1 overall seed in Swiss, going 7-0 in Swiss (1 Timed win in Round 7), and won my first game in T16.

@Paranoid31 and I discussed it a bit, and I liked his slightly more taxing build with 2 Tollbooth. The deck is usually played almost akin to CI, with almost all of the ICE going on HQ and R&D, frequently making servers 3-5 ICE deep. The large amount of card drawing will bring the small amount of ICE to the surface quite quickly.

Another move was to put in 3 Architect. Card is so strong, and we wanted to guarantee seeing 1 early. They were face planted frequently, esp. if an early APP was scored. However, people were quite aware of it being in the deck. They were ready for 3, and some games had me putting one on each central. Worse case, it's a minimum 2 cost to pass ICE that cannot be destroyed for 4. I'll take it.

This is not the fastest NEHFA out there, but it's the best, IMHO. Never really felt hugely pressured. My game against @mediohxcore was the closest, with him sniping R&D with an Interface out. Luckily, I had 2 APP with tokens, and scoring APP from deck and BN from hand on one turn to win.

I don't see this deck holding up a few months from now, and I'm not a fan of playing it. It was more fun than raw 3 Biotic builds, though, and more stable. Playstyle choice, I suppose. It did its job.

10 Nov 2014 Argamas

You will always be my number one seed, Spags!


10 Nov 2014 spags

Love it.

Tourney report is here:

11 Nov 2014 bblum

Interesting that you chose quandary over enigma. I've been getting the sense enigma has been getting more popular to counter noise. (It also seems like it would combo better with architect, but that might be a super rare case.) Were you expecting less noise, cared more about optimizing for money, or not worried about noise because of TB and architect?

12 Nov 2014 spags

The latter. Quandary forces a breaker as well as Enigma, for two less. I prefer to save my ICE creds for Booths.

13 Nov 2014 hasuprotoss

Looks like we ran very similar decks. I know we (myself and Ahmed, who was 3rd at Gencon) went with basically the same Agendas/Assets/Upgrades/Operations that you ran, except we had a singleton Targeted Marketing (that I felt was reasonably underwhelming). We also ran 2 Quandary 1 Enigma rather than 3 Quandary, as we felt it was slightly better against excessive Parasite recursion. 3 Architect is a bold choice (we had some Lotus in our build, no Booth, which is a favorite of mine), but seemed to work well for you. I do like how this build is slightly more resilient than the 3 Biotic build but I played against a Noise player who hit both of my Biotics in one turn of milling, which led to a sad day.

Although I completely agree with your thoughts on both the decks longtime viability and its enjoyability factor when being played (GOOD RIDDANCE!)

13 Nov 2014 spags

I feel that the more robust ICE really helped. As noted, in 6ish Crim games, a Siphon didn't land until the last one. 3 Architect ensured getting one early, and it was faceplanted more than 50% of the time.