SYNC EOI (1st, Auckland Regionals)

Fjord 1798

MWL2 was in effect for the tournament but 23 Seconds was not due to NZ shipping delays. Probably want to add a Hard Hitting News, perhaps for the Cyberdex.

Undefeated on the day.

24 Jul 2016 hotelfoxtrot

How useful was the scorch on the day?

24 Jul 2016 Fjord

Multiple Scorch wins on the day and multiple runners dramatically distorting their play around it. Pretty good for a single copy!

25 Jul 2016 manveruppd

Scorch>archived>scorched? Or did they just drop below 4 cards? Did you kill more than you scored out?

26 Jul 2016 Fjord

Breaking News into single Scorched against 3 cards. Runners are often busy clearing a tag or worrying about their economy with their final clicks.

28 Jul 2016 Arkhon

How useful is the Subliminal Messaging?

31 Jul 2016 Fjord

It's a personal favourite. If it comes back once it's not bad at zero influence. If it comes back twice it's one of the best economy cards in the game. It can also provide real pressure on the runner to run, sometimes unwisely.