1st Place SC Antwerp: Brian's Better World (4-1)

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This is the corp deck I played during the Antwerp Store Championship. It went 4-1 throughout the day with wins against Smoke, Apoc Val, Hate Whizz and siphon/hybrid Maxx and a loss against Geist (couldn't outmoney a single Kati for some reason).

Glacier is kinda dead and I was too afraid of the CI hate stopping any FA schenanigans so I had to bring some kind of kill deck that was also prepped against SIFR and Aaron. I decided to bring my old midseason BABW deck since it dodges all the hate (not a lot of FC and meat dmg protection got replaced by Aaron).

The plan is simple, make lots of money, rush behind a ICE. If they steal an agenda (consulting visit into) midseason them and finish with (consulting visit into) BOOM!


BABW: I have had many discussions about the ID choice in the past (before SIFR and estrike spam put a nail in the coffin of Blue sun). But I still think BABW is the only corp that can reliably outmoney the runner. You're making good cards better and become rich at a speed that is so hard to follow for a runner.

The agendas need to make money, otherwhise the runner will just let you score a few and use that time to get a credit lead on you. Oaktown is the best one followed by corporate war and at last Corporate Sales team as 'worst agenda' (I think I would have won the Geist game if the CST was a Corporate war instead). The two GFI used to be 2 CST and 2 Hostile Takeovers but I needed the deckslots to fit in some extra ICE to battle temujin, and hey GFI is not that bad.

All the transactions, GLC and Lateral are great to keep up the speed. Paywall is meh, but couldn't find a better alternative for the last slot. Subliminal is an option as well.

Preemptive Action is way better for this deck than Jackson. It frees up influence for extra transactions, it's untrashable and it's tutorable with Consulting visit. Mainly used for shuffling back Consultings and BOOM! after midseason or just to get your transactions back. If somehow your midseasons gets trashed or if it whifs, use it immediatly even if you have to consulting visit for it. Your deck doesn't have any pressure without that card.

Sandburg is a late addition but also a keeper. I tried Stinson a bit, but he was underwhelming especially against good runners. Sandburg puts a treat on the runner. Just put it behind a Quandary and make the runner pay 10 credits to defuse it. It's a good credit swing but not a victory condition.

ICE: Cheap ETR, Ice wall to annoy insta parasite, WoS to annoy Inti, Lotus Field to annoy SIFR and Macrophage to annoy virusses. But the price of best ICE goes to SAPPER. A 3 cost trash-a-program ICE that also often works as a CVS in R&D. If you go fast, the runner doesn't always have time to install a killer when they poke HQ or R&D and that can be devastating.

Ooh and for those wondering about the name, it's not called after the absent Stinson but after me. Not out narcism (won't deny it's existence tho) but because my friend Slowriffs called it so and I just kept the name.

Now go kill those pesky runners.

7 Feb 2017 Dissinger

I like the Paywall Implementation as it gives you a credit off the ability as a transaction current.

7 Feb 2017 Myriad

Beanstalks should be a NASX. It is unholy if you can play two transactions in a turn due to your I'd ability.

7 Feb 2017 h0bb35

I thought you're using Bryan Stinson when I saw the name of the deck :)

7 Feb 2017 Dissinger

I think this deck goes overboard in trying to limit how much the runner can artificially thin it by going operation economy, and not having to use what little ice it has to protect asset economy.

7 Feb 2017 ryanbantwins

I did try NASX and the interaction with BABW is hilarious, but with CST it's even better. The problem is that it's not efficient enough if you don't let it stick a few turns and you can't build it up too high or the runner will come trash it. The biggest downside of NASX is that it does nothing after you have to go deep to land a midseason and need to credit up to be in consulting BOOM range and beanstalk is just amazing for that.

The lack of other asset econ is because of different reasons. First of all you're Weyland and aside from CBG (can't protect it) there isn't really a good econ card in the form of an asset. Also after you land the midseason the runner will probably have enough credits (because they couldn't beat the trace anyway) and will try to go for the hail mary on R&D. The last thing you want is for them to be able to trash some accessed cards and see fresh ones, because that turn your untrashable cards might be your only defense against an R&D dig.

7 Feb 2017 Myriad

I wasn't necissarily advocating replacing all of those beanstalks with them. Just one =). NASX is good and feels mighty.

I will typically hold my 1x NASX in hand until I am confident I can get a double transaction turn. Your deck packs way more transactions than mine, so it would be even easier than when I typically do it.

If you can manage a double transaction turn and then pop (by having it installed) you will net between 7 and 8 credits off of just the NASX. Single transaction turns with a NASX trigger are okay too.

7 Feb 2017 Elodius

*you're... I am dissapoint !

9 Feb 2017 m3lonoscopy

Hi! Having a lot of trouble with Film Critic... Any ideas?

9 Feb 2017 Dissinger

That's what Snatch and Grab is for.

10 Feb 2017 ANRguybrush

I single fast track could be great here. Works with consulting visit as well.

10 Feb 2017 m3lonoscopy

@Dissinger thanks - it was in conjunction with NACH - hosted on something - couldn't land a tag, couldn't play around it :(

10 Feb 2017 ryanbantwins

@guy.brushFast track can be nice, but also niche. Also you'll need a second CV or the midseason in hand if you want to consulting visit for it.

@m3lonoscopyactually NACH and film critic isn't a problem. The tag from Snatch n Grab is considered a cost. Lukas ruling: "If you prevent the tag then the first part is not prevented and you lose the connection." Same with Aaron btw. Forger and film critic is a problem but that is far less common.

10 Feb 2017 WaltDixie

The Lukas ruling is on preventing the tag, whereas Aaron removes it. Similar to Forger btw... so Aaron is safe from SnG.

11 Feb 2017 m3lonoscopy

aha - thanks for clearing up @ryanbantwins

12 Feb 2017 moistloaf

A thing of beauty. Was the Macro worth? How about the lotus fields? Only good against SIFR I reckon

12 Feb 2017 ryanbantwins

I expected a lot of Sifr, and lotus Field has a high cost if you want to go through (install breaker + break) against those decks because their solution for lotus field is not in their standard breaker setup. Also for some reason I strongley believed Black Orchestra has 2 strength (because someone payed 6 credits to break it once during testing). Lotus field wasn't overwhelming, but having a medium range ICE is always nice to stop bleeding from centrals.

Macrophage is a niche ICE, but it has it's moments in the spotlight. Anarch and a lot of crims rely on a medium to do the hard work on R&D and Macrophage can shut that plan down a lot. Also Anarchs rarely install SIFR against me, so insta parasite isn't a big problem either. Can't recall it did great in the tournament, most games were won with Barriers, Quandary and Sapper instead.