Mayhem Store Champs 2/25 (DSM, IA) - Corp Winner

Smerle 25

Small store champs swiss tourney. Based this off "Brian's Better World" from the SC Antwerp winner. Ironically, no Brian. Instead I wanted to just have an upgrade to throw in a bait server or on a central, and Prisec looked to punish. And I removed 1 Boom and 1 Paywall to add 2x Scorched Earth so I could have more flexible kill options. It flatlined all runners on the day: Leela, Whizz, and Smoke.

Makes tons of money quickly and early. Then feed an agenda for Midseasons and kill. Sapper is probably responsible for turning around two games for me to get the win. Love that card.

Runner Deck:

27 Feb 2017 tonybluehose

Agreed on the Sapper comment! Sapper has been a sneaky good card that has probably been slightly undervalued (especially in Weyland). Legworking through an Ice Wall against Weyland without a killer installed can be a recipe for disaster.

27 Feb 2017 Smerle

@tonybluehose Each time my opponent hit it off R&D for the first time, they would just say, "Pay to Trash", and I'd have to remind them, "It fires." Then the look of "oh damn" after they read the subroutine was worth adding all 3 to the deck.

27 Feb 2017 tonybluehose

In my mind, it definitely changes the way one approaches an incomplete rig--the fact that it exists means the runner is taking a chance when face-checking cards they access :-)

Does MKUltra have a chance to come out of the bin to deal with it if accessed in an R and D dig? It looks like it since it's considered an encounter.

Damn you, Anarchs!