Latte Party - 4th WA Regionals

gadwag 22

It's Lat and he's ready to party! This deck is an adaptation of @Vyper's Lat-te Art, which I tried out on jnet and had a blast with. After some tweaks, it helped me take 4th at a 12-person regional!


  • Swapped a lady for engolo. It's a great card, this is almost a no-brainer
  • Cut a Kati for 1x Oracle May. A janky choice, but one that generally works out well. 1x May is best because you want to install her late, after you've already set yourself up a bit. She really comes into her own after you pop a levy Speaking of which...
  • Cut a Levy and a top hat for misdirection and Paricia. I never needed to levy twice, and I only rarely needed to levy at all. SoT is plenty of protection for the 1x levy. Likewise, top hats aren't that useful once you have one, and this deck burns cards fast enough that 1x is fine. Misdirection and paricia are quite handy to have as tech cards, but maybe paricia could go. You run pretty tight on MU and it might be better to just go faster in horizontal matchups (swap paricia for laundry)
  • Cut a build script and compile for Laundry and Because I Can. When you have comet out, more run cards means more free runs! Plus, Because I Can is a handy tech card against suspicious shell games.
  • Cut a Scavenge for Escher. 5 rejig effects are plenty, and Escher essentially does the same thing in some ways - arranging servers so you can femme your way right into a remote, or top hat R&D. Escher can be a real setback for corps if played at the right time, and definitely earned its place in testing.

My corp deck was a straight netlist of @CritHitd20's Unban CI You Cowards! It did pretty well on the day as well, squeaking out winning agendas that I really shouldn't have been able to score. Jeeves, Lakshmi, and Biotic all did great work.

Massive thanks to @doc_bacon for printing out decks so I could play, since my cards are currently inaccessible.

4 Sep 2019 Vyper

Glad you are having fun with the deck as it's the first brew I've ever released into the 'wild'! I've been running an Oracle May, Escher and Cerberus with some success and I think they are all going to be staples for me in the future. Will definitely try out the Paricia/Misdirection silver bullets too.

How did you do against kill decks?

9 Sep 2019 Vyper

With MWL 3.4, it looks like this deck will need to cut Engolo as having a Levy feels too important to lose. What's the best decoder to replace it with? Cyber-Cypher is kind of on theme with all the Rejigs, but Gordian is the most reliable.