Jukebox (6-1 US Nats, 2nd Place)

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“What does Mason Bellamy do? And that Surveyor is strength 12!?” – very many of my opponents

“Did you just steal one of my corp decks? – Timmy Wong

“Just put in a Loki you dingus” – CTZ

Jinja + Surveyor is obviously a very powerful combo, so before Nats I was looking for an ID that could support it, and also was good against Val and Clan Vengeance (if such a thing is a thing). Asa Group had always been a very underutilized ID in my opinion, but besides getting purple cards, the ability allows you to install multiple things at once (aka get stuff out of your hand faster).

But what the deck really tried to do, was make people try to steal agendas with clicks rather than credits. Sure you can D4v1d through one of my Surveyors, but will you have the clicks to steal the agenda at the end?

Some Card Choices:

Agenda Suite – this deck was pretty much built around Ikawah Project. It synergized with my currents and upgrades, and taxed clicks if/when they were able to steal it. Project Vitruvius was another reason I wanted to play purple, as over-advancing one is basically an Archived Memories on-demand. CST & SSL were for money boosts.

Ice Suite – I played a slightly different suite with Seidrs in the King of Servers event (which we won, go The Horse Emoji!) and I was really happy with the changes I made the night before. I cut the Seidrs to add a Loki (thanks @ctz) which did a lot of work as a fourth FC3. Najja was also very awesome in the tournament, as a piece to rush behind, or something cheap to install when you need it or just to tax clicks (costs 2 to rez, 2 to break w Clip). FC3 went on centrals, but sometimes I had the hilarious 2x FC3, 3x Surveyor remote.

Assets – the third Jeeves was added the night before as well, and I think that was also a very crucial change. Sometimes I used it to click for credits 4 times, sometimes I installed 4 things (or 5 w the ID!), and sometimes I just never-advanced Sales Teams or Ikawahs with a Calibration. Rashida with Jinja is good.

Operations – arguably the star of the whole deck was Enhanced Login Protocol. A lot of people thought that I should be playing Scarcity, but this synergized with the deck so well, and many times I was able to keep it up all game, which was crucial. Being able to Stinson a UVC wins games as well.

Upgrades – Mason Bellamy + Strongbox (not unique!) was also extremely relevant in almost every single one of my games. I had a bunch of card reads as well, which was awesome. The Calibration was for scoring PV’s from hand (1 cheaper than doing it with Biotic), and also great for the NA of 5/3’s with Jeeves or Sales Team.

My games:

In the swiss, my first game was against an Apex, and he Apoc’d me for 13! cards. I don’t think there is a better ID for recovering from an Apoc though, and I had an Architect rezzed so I was able to pull out the win.

Then I beat a Val, a Geist, and a MaxX before ID’ing the last 2 rounds. All of these games were tight, and I got pretty lucky in the Geist game against Dodgepong when he whiffed on hitting an Ikawah he knew was in hand (4 cards, he saw 3 of them).

In the cut I beat a MaxX, then a Val before losing in the finals to Patrick’s Val.

Overall, the tournament was so fun, I met some awesome people and played some of the best Netrunner of my life. Big thanks to everyone to helped me test, especially @phette, who I ran almost every card choice by while building the deck. Thanks to @enkoder for helping me test self-damage matchups in the weeks leading up to the event. Thanks to @ctz for the last-minute card swaps. And thanks to the rest of the SF crew for just being incredibly good and making me better.

26 Jun 2018 TyrellCorp

Awesome stuff

27 Jun 2018 phette23

Such a great list, with throwbacks like Strongbox alongside the new Jinja-Surveyor hotness. Great job! Gotta be the best Asa Group performance ever.

27 Jun 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, what changes (if any) would you make to the deck?

27 Jun 2018 pj20

@rotage not that any deck is perfect, but I'd have a hard time finding cuts... I would definitely have loved to have an NGO or two to bait runs in the Jinja remote tho. Gun to my head I'd cut an IPO for one

28 Jun 2018 IronBen

Looks awesome. Thanks for the heads' up! I'll have to try it out :)

29 Jun 2018 Severijn

Jeeves strikes me as an odd duck to play over say Advanced Assembly Lines, but I can understand the allure. Nice deck & result!

One last question on Enhanced Login Protocol: Do you think you needed all three copies, or do you think you might have been fine with just two of them?

30 Jun 2018 pj20

@Severijn there was a few reasons Jeeves was so good... the obvious being the extra click for scoring agendas. I used it many times to click for 4 credits bc the deck can be a little poor if you have to rez a lot of ice (Jeeves Campaign). I installed 2 a few times, to have a backup and/or if I had a Stinson ready to go. A 5 trash cost was worse for them than me and put them closer into BS range.

AAL is more of a Moons/Lakshmi card in my mind, but I definitely see the synergy w Asa. AAL is essentially +2 credits, +1-2 clicks? That's damn good. I guess my only issue was that it didn't help you score necessarily since you can't install an Agenda w it. It was just a slots issue. I'd have loved to play MCAAP too ha.

ELP, yeah I was happy with 3x. Employee Strike is annoying but not cripping or anything. I wanted to be able to clear Hacktivist and Grant though. But other than that it meant you couldn't click thru a FC3, Turing, maybe even not a Najja. Tougher to steal an Ikawah or any agenda with Strongbox.

31 Jul 2018 dasher

I was running a similarly themed list out of Seidr a while back, but my best laid plans kept getting wrecked by Film Critics.

Well done on the result. With Clan Zero being the new hotness, maybe Film Critics has seen a drop in play? Might be time to dust my version off again.