UltraPurple Drank [4th place Rochester Regionals]

MFTimber 119

My updated version of the Purple drank list (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/40623/purple-drank-ci-1st-store-champ-link-ping-sweden-). You can check out that page for a really comprehensive breakdown of the combos and playstyle. Ultraviolet Clearance makes the deck fly, bonus points if you can use it as part of an Accelerated Diagnostics pile to draw 4 cards, gain 4 credits, and install a card for a third of a click.

It went 3-1 on the day, even winning out against a turn 2 Employee Strike. Due to things working out strangely in Top 8, I only got to play it once there (had to run 3 times) where it lost to a DLR deck. My usual agenda scoring pattern was Hasty-AD into Eff Com, score GFI with Shipments and Eff Com counters, then Biotic a 3/2. I never drew into the 5 point finisher.

The Ice

I like using a few gear checks, and then a smattering of taxing bioroids. Eli had just come off the MWL, so he seemed like a natural fit. Once people realize you're not CI7, they'll start running really aggressively. So you need some Ice that's actually taxing. With the amount of Eater and ice destruction I was seeing, I didn't think the Mother Goddess/Paper Wall/Excalibur package would be resilient enough.

Changes for next time

-1 Enhanced Login Protocol - this was in there to clear Employee Strike. The problem is that you can only do this once, and only if the 1-of is in hand. So it doesn't really help early game, since you generally haven't drawn it yet. Late game, you generally have a cheap way to score an agenda, which is better than playing ELP.

-1 Cyberdex Trial - This is only really relevant against Shaper, of which there were only 4 at the tournament (and only 1 in Top 8). If you're really in a jam against Shaper, you can purge and Ark Lockdown the Clot.

-1 Lateral Growth - This is in here to allow AD piles that install the agenda, which I never did during the tournament. I already have Interns in case Hasty hits an agenda, which serves the same role.

+1 Archived Memories - Being able to grab a used combo piece or fire Ark Lockdown again would be huge.

+2 Preemptive Action - I took this out during testing since I never used it, but it would have been helpful. Since you're drawing so aggressively, you're in real danger of decking yourself. I think I ended every game with less than 10 cards in R&D.

Ice - Eli turned out to be a liability since he can easily be clicked through. People were constantly firing blind siphons that Eli couldn't stop. I also never rezzed Ichi once all day, for the same reason. He caught a few people in testing, but good players never hit it. Would probably swap Ichi for Rototurret, and Elis for some combination of Vanilla/Bastion/Wall of Static and Fairchild 3.

22 May 2017 b3ar

Congrats. Your changes look very reasonable.

Some play 3 Global Food Initiative and 2 Targeted Marketing. Why is Localized Product Line better in your opinion?

23 May 2017 MFTimber

@b3arSince the combo requires so many pieces, I found Localized Product Line to be invaluable. It won me my first 2 games, and I would have loved to see it in the other games. I do like Targeted Marketing, and will probably swap that for Reuse.

27 May 2017 Restartt

Congrats on your strong finish!