Post-Paid Kate

Hammers 127

This deck came 4th in my local Store Champs. It started off life as me looking to see if anyone had done anything with the Pre-paid shell since the most wanted list and finding Cacoethesvictor's Hater's Gonna Kate Kate Kate.... It hasn't changed a whole lot since then, mostly just a few changes to fit my playstyle and the current NBN heavy meta, so I would recommend reading his write up for a full explanation of the thing but I'll do a quick write up below and explain a few of my changes.

It's basically just a good old Pre-paid shell, with a load of nice Shaper stuff to install. Your aim is to power through your deck, getting all the money and everything set up, but because you're shaper, all the while threatening remotes. Once set up you can then LARLA back through the deck getting even more money and hopefully just punishing R&D. Standard pre-paid stuff.

It has absolutely no HQ pressure but you should be able to get in if you really need to as they likely aren't defending that particularly heavily. Also, though it's teched against it, CtM can be a bit of a struggle, and I would honestly put my tournament victory down to there being a weird absence of NBN in it. So to be honest your milage may vary with this deck.

The whole breaker suite I kept as is. I have to give a special shout out to Cyber-Cypher which I have found to be key recently with the rise of the massive code gates. The Scavenges and Clone Chips mean the downside of only being a single server really isn't that bad.

And yeah this deck is 47 cards. It worked for me. Go ahead and cut stuff if you want.

Card Changes

No current - This was a really hard decision. The original deck ran 1x "Freedom Through Equality" and I think that was a good call. It's free when you have all the PPVPs out and can give you an edge in certain match-ups. I just found I wasn't playing it anywhere near enough. Most turns I'd play either an econ card or a Maker's eye and therefore would have used up the PPVP credits. So it just sat in my hand. So this ended up being one of the cards which got cut to fit in the stuff below.

Sports Hopper - This is taking the spot of Plascrete from the original list. In my meta at least, I generally found that anyone going for kill, now that Boom! is out, would have a way around a Plascrete. It's also a dead card in non-kill match ups. So I deced to go with sport's hopper which although it doesn't protect against Boom! kills, it does help in Jinteki style kill decks, helps in NBN match ups because of the link, and can just be used for draw in any other match up. Overall I found it more useful, but I could understand swapping it back.

Beth Kilrain-Chang - Just seems like a no brainer in a shaper deck to me, especially one where you'll probably be spenging a while setting up. Like all the resources it's only a 1x because you'll be going through your deck quickly and therefore should see it most games still.

Film Critic & NACH - Just in there to help against all the NBN shenenigans around at the mo. Could cut if somehow they become less prevalent, but being able to completely turn off SYNC 24/7 Boom! is pretty good in my opinion.

21 Nov 2016 Cacoethesvictor

Nice list ;) congrats on the result.