Haters gonna Kate, Kate, Kate... 2nd Place at IQ games

Cacoethesvictor 983

This is the runner deck i took to second place at IQ games regional in Huddersfield UK, 45 players. My Corp deck was Hinkes/ Hoyland 49 Card IG.

I played "Blum Kate" at a regional a few weeks ago and found 2 things, 1 it was a little to slow in some of the yellow match ups if you didnt get the right draw. 2 an early breaking news can make you cry when your economy disappears for an ASI off the score.

The deck certainly had a very good match with the slower decks though and the combo with indexing and FTE is one which i wanted to carry over. I looked at Ben Ni's Siphon Kate, but i would probably end up carry too many tags, so i decided to see how far i could get off the "old prepaid econ suite" now that the MWL had butchered it. I was surprised how much i could get out of it and only found myself debating the last few pieces of influence. I think that the 3rd lucky find is the better choice over the legwork as you are all in on R&D pressure, you can still run HQ for single accesses with money, you can't play a legwork if you have no money. I had also considered using a turning wheel for the mimic (putting in a chameleon for the second plas -the 46th card) but the only match up i would be desperate for HQ pressure is the neh match up and i've always found turning wheel too slow in that game, plus its another resource in a low resource deck.

This deck for the most part plays like Kate of old, make tonnes of money and set up your rig, if they try and score an agenda in a remote go and take it. if not smash R&D with indexing Makers Eye and indexing FTE combo. FTE is FREE with prepaid... councilman to derez those pesky jacksons.

In this swiss this only lossed to museum NEH... which would have been a win if i hadnt wrongly assumed there was 2 jacksons in the only 2 facedown remotes on the board, having trashed the third.

In the swiss it won 2 and lost the final match up to calmisha sync. i think maybe because of a misplay by me, i'll have to watch it back...

I'll be providing a tournament report but this deck beat; NEH, Sync, Palana and Prison IG over the course of the tournament. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

10 Jul 2016 shanodin

+10 internets for the name

10 Jul 2016 ThisIsAzrael

Absolutely love it sir! I was trying too hard when playing Prepaid to keep the HQ pressure but I love this deck and how you rationalised your choices. Thanks for the share. Az

10 Jul 2016 Underworld

This is a great deck that might get me to go back to playing Kate. TIER 1!

10 Jul 2016 rotage

It also beat Sol too :)

11 Jul 2016 ryanbantwins

Congrats on the win. I'm playing a very similar deck recently, but I had to cut one Lucky find in order to slot a mongoose (-Mimic+Lady). How are you dealing with tour guide with the loss of parasite? Also what are your thoughts on the draw. I've been switching between 3QT/1QT1baby/proco but can't decide what's best.

11 Jul 2016 Cacoethesvictor

Sorry @rotage it beat sol as well.

Thanks @ThisIsAzrael hope you enjoy playing it!

11 Jul 2016 Cerberus

Clip clop MF.

11 Jul 2016 Cacoethesvictor

@ryanbantwins thanks. I didn't face any tour guide on the day but I have played the Gagarin match up before. The deck has a lot of money and can win quickly, I would be looking at hitting makers eye with FTE down in the hope of winning early, mongoose is brilliant against tour guide I played Leela earlier in the regionals. Mimic is so good across the board though I preferred it to the chameleon in testing. It's a match up you have to take the hit on I guess and try and trash assets to stop them from scoring rezzing big tour guides.

The draw is something I was a little concerned with in testing, but I found running 3 SMC and 3 ppvp usually means you'll see the cards you need for early pressure in the early game especially with 3 diesel. Some times QT is a ditch card as I'd rather used ppvp on getting more econ, but when you need to see the right card it's great. I was in my original list on 2 symmetrical visage and no QT, but it really helps with a boost in the mid game if you need it.

11 Jul 2016 deaglesuk

@Cacoethesvictor Congrats on the 2nd. You're right, you absolutely had me beat in the first round. I was under so much pressure and clot locked by that point that I couldn't see an escape from your inevitable win. Only the forgotten Exploder installed turn 1 / 2 saved me.

Great deck that I'm looking forward to taking for a spin

11 Jul 2016 Swiftie

+22 for name :D

11 Jul 2016 Benjen

What? Not "Katers gonna Kate, Kate, Kate . . . ?!?!?!" Disappointed.

Also, well done.

12 Jul 2016 Cacoethesvictor

@Benjen haha already had that comment, I built this out of hate to sync so that felt apt, but with all the different types of Kate resurfacing that works too.

@deaglesuk Thanks man. You played it well. Wasn't expecting the third Jackson though!

15 Jul 2016 Arter

What're your thoughts on swapping out a Lucky Find and a Diesel for 2 Deuces Wild?

15 Jul 2016 Cacoethesvictor

@Arter it's certainly something I'm going to be testing. Deuces wild will help even more with the sync match up which following MWL 2.0 seems to be where yellow is at now.

My only reservation is econ in the glacier match up. Deuces is only great for econ if you see the PPVP early. Otherwise you have lost 5 credits in your deck, which is a lot.

Probably doesn't matter in the yellow match up, but against some of HB I expect to see soon I'm not so sure. Other people I know are also dropping clot for a legwork, or playing 3 DW 1 LF and using the spare influence for turning wheel.

26 Aug 2016 shanodin

Turns out this deck doesn't work if you forget to include a Lady.

26 Aug 2016 shanodin

Coop just discovered it costs 21cr to break curtain wall with inti.