Astrobiotics - 1st place philly regionals

bblum 4789

5-2 in swiss, 1-1 in elims. Writeup:

Ichi is amazing. Going forward I would cut my 2nd wraparound for a 3rd SFSS, and maaaaybe cut the CVS for a marked accounts.

As runner, went 6-1 in swiss and 3-0 in elims; decklist:

22 Jun 2015 firesa

I ran 2 ichi in my list for regionals, they were pretty awesome. I didn't end up running any architects but might be time to squeeze one back in. Anyway good stuff

22 Jun 2015 Badeesh

Nice to see this list still able to take take a regional. Tollbooths look good!

22 Jun 2015 SlayerCNV

Why so happy? It's always the same deck...

22 Jun 2015 Badeesh

I guess I'm happy to see post-clot NBN still winning tourneys.

23 Jun 2015 Calimsha

It still fold really really hard against good kate players ;). We trained this matchup a lot before the tournament and the corp winrate was pretty poor.

Still, congrats on your win at Philly, your read of the meta was spot-on.

23 Jun 2015 SlayerCNV

I ran a hb Fa and with clot is just stronger, cuz I ve a reason to use cyberdex, that is the strongest neutral upgrade I've ever seen.

And neh is still the strongest Corp, with blue sun. Clot does no change anything...only the inclusion of 1/2 cyberdex...

23 Jun 2015 ApeAsylum

Still a tier 1 deck but against a skilled Kate player packing clot and with a decent enough draw it will loose most of the time. Clot has just brought NEH back in line with the rest of the corp decks. Also runners had the illusion that just including clot in their deck would grantee a win against NEH which just isnt true at all. A good NEH player have ways to play around clot, and once that first astro is scored, you can combo with shipment to score out the other astros with little risk of a clone chip/smc getting popped.

congrats on your win.

24 Jun 2015 Wookiee

I went 5-1 at the FFG regionals with a deck that was -1 CVS, -1 Ichi, +1 Marked, +1 Blacklist. It's still just as good and fun as always!

I went 0-6 runner, so I wasn't anywhere near the top groupings, but I did find NEH just as strong as always!

And Clot is good, but it's not auto-lose. Blacklist or CVS handles it, purging handles it. Scoring before they get a clone chip on the table and a clot in the heap, or after they use their SMC for a break to get through the Lotus Field you're using to protect NAPD, or....

Clot keeps you on your toes. It doesn't win.

28 Jun 2015 Humanoids

What would you cut for another Shipment from SanSan?

28 Jun 2015 bblum


29 Jun 2015 Calimsha

Guess what ? I can't publish my france national championship winning corp deck. Someone else already won a tournament with the exact same list one week earlier :D

29 Jun 2015 bblum


6 Aug 2015 Grimwalker

This deck card for card is what Lucas won Gen Con with, I'm told.