Shipment from SanSan

Shipment from SanSan 0[credit]

Operation: Double
Influence: 1

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click].

Place up to 2 advancement tokens on a card that can be advanced.

He signed for it, hand shaking in anticipation.
Illustrated by Agri Karuniawan
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#34 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Sure, it's not strong as a pure econ card, but it's worth noting that it's paying you for something you'd do anyway, so drawing it is like clicking for 2 with a delayed reaction. Two other factions have similar econ cards; Beanstalk Royalties pays you 2 extra the next time you want to click for a credit. Green Level Clearance pays out when you want a card.

Additionally, there are shenanigans. Using it to fast advance with Efficiency Committee counters is one, but there are others. This lets you advance even when you're broke, so you can still Fast Advance with Astro counters or a rezzed SanSan City Grid even after an Account Siphon or other econ denial attack. It also offers a sneaky way to beat Clone Chipped Clots because you can play this and immediately score before the runner's paid ability window.

Finally, this finds its way into some Power Shutdown combo decks as Accelerated Diagnostics can play it out for two advancement tokens without spending an extra .

(Old Hollywood era)

I wonder, if this card is really worth playing... If you just advance normally, you spend 2 and 2 for 2 tokens. By using this card, you spend 2 and 1 card (worth a ) for 2 tokens. In other words, you pay 1 to get 2 once. Other economy cards either allow trading 1 for 2 multiple times or you get even more than 2 if it only works once.

(Old Hollywood era)
Well you spend a card, to, in the situation where you want to advance twice, net 2 credits. —
I agree that it's not a very good card (Shipmen from Kaguya is usually better) but... you can make a combo with Efficiency Committee, who doesn't allow you to advance cards but you can use this card (since is putting advancement tokens and it's not the same that advance). But still. It's still not very good. —
Whoops I accidentally pressed enter before. I meant to add that netting 2 credits for a card is the same raw power as Beanstalk Royalties. —
My reply to this got longish, so I've posted it as a seperate review —
This card does some really great things... it is not an economy card (or just a bad one). a.) You can use it for fast advance with efficiency committee in HB, b.) It is a part of the combo CI decks that advance with accelerated diagnostic (ignores the extra click) but most importantly c.) you can use it to fast advance against clot... clot players will mostly put the clot out after you place the first advancement token. If you play shipment it is one action so they get no window between the 1st and 2nd token and since it is your turn you have priority to use an astrotoken or rez sansan and score before they can clone ship/SMC for clot —
Additionally, it allows you to fast advance with 0 creditds with NBN, provided you have an Astroscript token. This is an insane acceleration of your play because you are always ready to score if you top-deck an Agenda. It provides a form of immunity from account siphon too. —
MrOshovah and Greasythumb get it. It's not the money, it's the things it enables you to work around. —
@valerian32: "Shipment from Kaguya is better. " Oh man, thank you, that's the funniest thing I've read all day. So this card totally sucks, huh... that's why most top-tier Fastrobiotics decks pack 2 or 3 of them, right? Beacuse it's garbage? No, because it allows you to get around Clot with good play and understanding of the Timing Structure and Priority. Sorry for the double post, but I couldn't believe —
This card is extremely strong in fast-advance decks. Most points have already been mentioned: —
1 influence, easily splashable. Works with Efficiency Committee. Allows scoring even with 0 credits. Forces Clot to be used one click earlier, providing an important extra click for defense. This card is just insanely strong. —