#stargate. The apoc list Peter Dinya beat in top cut

Ola 120

This is the list i brought together with PE to euros. During swiss i went 4-1 losing a game to not checking an open remote against ctm when we were both on 6 points.

During the top cut i beat Andrew Wrights rigsnipe outfit then lost to Peter Dinya

It's a pretty straightforward list, go for an early apoc then threaten centrals with wanton and stargate. If I were to change anything id probably cut the two stimhacks, i did need a single one during swiss, and the turn i needed it to break a tour guide, none of them were there.

4 Jun 2019 percomis

10/10 deck name :D

Congrats on the finish, thank you for the games and it was really nice to meet you :)

4 Jun 2019 same old things

Well done on your finish! Our tie breaker game was brutal, not sure I had much of a chance in that one. Utopia shard surprisingly good!

17 Jun 2019 Saan

I took this to the Berlin regionals and ended up winning =) I'm not usually an Anarch player, but this list looked too fun to not play. Favorite card: Utopia Shard. It's such a genius inclusion.

22 Jun 2019 FreqKing

I'm generally wary of decks with less that 3 Stimhack. But this list looks really solid. It is primarily the potential nonbo with Apocalypse that motivated that choice?

22 Jun 2019 Ola

@Saan that's so amazing!

@FreqKing i am generally against playing stimhacks at all in a deck leaning so much on Apocalypse, but decided to throw two in as I was expecting to face atleast one jinja HB. In hindsight i would rather have played either +1 wanton & +1 turntable, +2 dirty laundry, or cutting another card to put in a playset of mining accident