Anarchist, meet netinstaller - Charity Gift II (2nd)

TR1S 625

As I wrote in the corp write-up, Richard Hammond put on a wonderful tournament and managed to raise over 1300 pounds (my computer is American and I am too lazy to look up how to input the symbol) for the Sheffield Children's Charity. Richard is amazing, and it was a pleasure to play in this tournament.


I am an Anarch at heart, so playing Shaper was a weird experience. You install things to make money so you can install other things so you can maybe run, maybe? But why can't I just throw cards away from my grip to do that? Thankfully, James Molyneux who bossed the Harlequins Store Championship in Preston with a good stuff Kate deck was on hand to give me a Shaper build. It was good, and so I made very tiny changes and took it to the tournament.


So this is a very simple good stuff Shaper deck that uses the Temüjin Contract and Mopus to make money. I was horrified by how rich I became, and loved the fact that I could name archives for both Temüjin and Patron and Dirty Laundry it for all the money and all the cards ever. To paraphrase Holis, it was "neat".

I took the GS Shrike M2 out of James' list because I felt that having a better barrier breaker than Inti would be important in more matchups than Shrike would be. Inti still earned its place however, because it is super useful to have a zero cost install card that you can SMC for on the Corp's turn. This allows you to trigger Hayley's ability to surprise install clot from hand. It was very useful in testing this deck online to have that ability as corps will often assume they have a scoring window when you are on 2 credits and have no clone chip on the board. However, the one time I actually faced a yellow deck in the tournament I didn't draw clot, clone chips, or SMCs so yeah. That was a waste.

There are also some tech cards for certain match ups - Feedback filter is obviously useful in a field that contains many Jinteki IDs, as is Rumour Mill because Caprice and Batty are annoying. Similarly, NACH is all over the place to prevent the 24/7, EoI shenanigans and should really be in any deck running resources.

Assuming you want resources. #SiphonAnarchLife

Tournament Performance

The deck went 4-1 over the five rounds on the day, losing only to CTM. This was always going to be a tough match-up and one I new I would eventually have to play if I wanted to win, given that it was being piloted by the excellent Shanodin. I didn't draw any hate cards and she bulldozed me. That's what you get for taking a Netinstaller to a FA fight.

The wins it scored came against Titan Transnational (always staying just a credit or two above being midseasoned), RP, NEH, and Sol.

The NEH match was particularly wonderful as the Russian variant piloted by Nivrem spat out 3 agendas in hand and no ice, so I could steal the Exploda on the table, index him for an Exploda and an Astro, and then arrange it so that the Licence Aquisition would be the card after his mandatory draw after a wraparound. Inti in hand and the first access in HQ won that game on turn 2.

It was a good time.


Good lord don't ask me! I can't play Shaper at all.

Obviously, any and all suggestions are welcome :)