Run Wu Run (SOCR8 - 16th)

chaosof99 74

I built this deck for the SOCR8 tournament on the basis of clercqie's Penguins on Motorcycles Deck which I was playing in Standard at the time. This was my first time playing SOCR and after evaluating the format I knew I wanted to play Shaper because Creation and Control seemed by far the best Big Box with it providing Daily Casts, Dirty Laundry and SMC.

Choosing the ID I felt was easy. Kit seemed fine but only 10 influence seemed like a big burden, and other Shaper's available didn't provide a big oomph. Kabonesa seemed the best available. However, since she doesn't dodge tags the way Jes does, Hot Pursuit fell to the wayside and was replaced by Bankroll.

In the end this was a heavily run-focused shaper deck, ideally leveraging your Stimhacks to install off of SMC and making your runs as cheap as possible with Cyberdelia, bankroll and Paragon. Some of the Influence shifted regularly, with up to 3 Stimhacks and Datasucker at one point. The Scrubber is a bit of a flex slot here. Kyuban and Laamb were also cards that made it in and out of the lineup at times.

In Hindsight, it might have been also viable to just kick Bankroll and one copy of Paragon to the side for Crowdfundings, but oh well. Still though the better deck I built, I think.

My SOCR8 Corp Deck