Penguins on motor cycles!! (5th Dutch Nationals)

clercqie 303

This is my Runner deck for the Dutch nationals that went down this weekend. I like Jesminder as an ID, plus I also got the plastic ID, with Palana on the flip from regionals some years ago. So now with Hot Pursuit out, that's a great reason to play her nowadays. The Penguins are the only self-tagging cards in the deck, and I feel that's enough. Maya and/or DJ Fenris are too expensive for too little gain. Jesminder gets further upside, just because Argus, IP Blocks, ARES and Data Raven are everywhere. The ability is not a hard counter against getting tagged, but it can make you some savings over the course of the game and avoid you some headaches when trying to figure out Kitties behind Data Ravens.

The decks is basically just good-stuff Shaper stuff, where I tried to mimic a little bit the Pre-Paid playstyle of old. If you're going more heavy on resources, then Hayley is probably the most obvious and better choice. 2 Compiles for D4v1d, and that's basically it. I used to play Femme, but Compile on Femme does not allow you to bypass the first encountered ICE. So out it went, and I put a Datasucker in --- which did great work during the day.

Levy is my choice for restricted, but I never really used it during the day. Film Critic might be better.

Played against MTI (win), Argus (loss), Asa (win) and CTM (win) in Swiss. Round 5 I got to ID to the champ @ryanbantwins.

In the cut, I got to play Runner twice. First against the fantastic NEH deck of Mike Prosser. Got up to 4 points quite fast, but grabbed next the Degree Mill in HQ a few times. At a certain point, my board got bounced, and some Tour Guides with 10 subs locked me out. Great game, quite close.

Second game in the cut was against @ayyyliens' CTM. Got quite lucky here in sniffing out some SSL's very early in the game. Once I got tagged, I found a random ARES still on the board. Played to my outs I guess.

I had a blast during the weekend. Shoutout to David and Kelf for organazing, all my opponents during the day, the AirBnB-crew for general awesomeness and of course @ryanbantwins for taking the whole thing down. Belgium reprazent!! :-)

22 Oct 2018 Okkdoko

This deck is so strong, it even beats fastrobiotics!

22 Oct 2018 Slowriffs


22 Oct 2018 ayyyliens

Magic hands!