Padma with a gun on rollerblades|0-2@Montreal GNK 2023-11-04

Odonuvo 64

Built for the Montreal November 4th GNK. I wanted to use one of the dream IDs from worlds thanks to my opponent being super nice in the final round (we agreed to split the top half prizing regardless of who won the 241).

Here's my attempt to make the most of a padma deck. While all the corp has to do is throw a Starlit Knight or Anansi on R&D to shut you down, it's still pretty fun to strap on your rollerskates and run while constantly reloading your gun using a Flux Capacitor.

This deck is terrible and went 0-2 at the GNK, as well as nearly 100% loss rate on jnet. It's fun to have tons of charge counters everywhere but it's too slow.

13 Nov 2023 PhedraZodiac

Thanks for watching, what a great klingelton.)

13 Nov 2023 Odonuvo

@PhedraZodiacI'm a bit confused by your comment. I didn't watch any content of yours and your link is a 404.