Flux Capacitor

♦ Flux Capacitor 0[credit]

Program: Trojan
Memory: 1 • Strength: -
Influence: 2

Install only on a piece of ice.

The first time you break a subroutine during each encounter with host ice, you may charge 1 of your installed cards. (Add 1 power counter to a card that already has one.)

"Are you telling me itʼs pronounced ʼgigawattsʼ?"
—Captain Padma Isbister
Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
Decklists with this card

Parhelion (ph)

#87 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2023-03-25

    Can a player charge cards that have 2 or more power counters?

    Yes, a card that has 2 power counters qualifies as having at least 1 power counter.


If you use Endurance, you should have one copy of this program, it is that good. Because it is unique, having three copy of it would usually not be useful. With all the power counter usage in Shapers (Dr. Nuka Vrolyck, Endurance, Hippocampic Mechanocytes, Environmental Testing, Nyashia, Propeller, Takobi, Hyperbaric), it is a must have program. All of this at 0 cost!

Out of faction, it can power up cards like Time Bomb, Poison Vial, WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ, Revolver and "Baklan" Bochkin. Not to mention the often used Earthrise Hotel. For only 2 influences, it is such a powerful card.

It is so good that it will encourage the corp to trash their ice, which is good for you, considering that it cost you 0 to play.

That is an amazing program that will have a great effect, for the low cost of one MU.

The art completely reflect this, reminding us of an old movie. I really love the quote, reminding us that many english speaker do not agree on how to pronounce "giga" or "gif" :-) haha! Stupendous card design all together!

(Parhelion era)

Dio, are you telling me you built a TIME MACHINE out of a boat??