Bad Cold [Standard]

Diogene 4053

@Null Signal Game, give us better neutral ices... But would it be good for the game?

All neutral cards, blank ID. There is a fair bit of money here, but there is no good trick to protect us after mid game.

Game plan : Score behind ice.

Mulligan plan : You'll want ice early.

Neutral cards are... OK. While Rashida Jaheem stands out as an amazing neutral cards, NGO Front as a good bait and Hedge Fund as the most used economy cards corp side, the ices are the bad part here.

Neutral agendas are actually good, so no issue here, but ices are just not good.

All neutral ices are more like filler ice than good ice. The have uses in decks to fill out the ice suite, but are not strong by themselves.

This raise the question : how good are supposed to be neutral cards? Are they a balancing force?

In any case, this was a failed experiment. Neutral ices makes the deck flounder by mid game, when the runnner's rig is full. The only chance you get is if the runner is using mainly AI breakers and try to pass your Conundrum multiple times. Otherwise, at around turn 10, the runner will be running circles around you.

Tell me if you found a way to make the concept works. Cheers.