Sports crisis - 22th and 34th at APAC

aksu 308

Thanks for Eric for the original deck-list idea: That list is also heavily based on the OG blame changer deck.

So I came to this deck list after having a complete breakdown on my testing process. The timeline goes as follows:

  1. Feel good about the new set and be intrested in trying out ASA that got new tools.

  2. Play with the ASA deck and loose to turtle decks and never find a solid version after tinkering.

  3. Jump to ob rigshooter. Play badly with it and loose hope > Jump back to ASA struggle against turtle some more. Repeat for 3 days.

  4. Get so tilted off the face of the earth that you try pivoting into old warroid tracker hell server builds just because they might be Swiss cheese decks that get some wins.

  5. On Thursday my process was so messed up and I still had not found a deck that I really like. I ended up spinning a wheel with couple of different options for a deck.

  6. Play the deck on Thursday and Friday, with also convincing your friend from a local meta to pick up the deck and edit it until the deck submission.

  7. Play a couple of games more to get yourself familiarized and go to sleep for 5-6 hours before tournament.

After this process I have found out I do not really like the phase of the meta where nothing is solved and people are struggling for lists. I need a solid foundation on my decks and list building.

On the deck over performed my expectations and combination of good bluffs and decent sports draws got me to the 22th place.

On the decklist:

  • idea behind wage workers combos is cool and fun but ends up being super convoluted and hard to actually get all the cards in hand.
  • Original blamechanger had project vacheron as fake 6points. The not real points being replaced with offworlds that are really annoying to get scored.
  • Hagen is really good and there might be space for one more in the deck.
  • PD might be a better panic deck instead of sports


TY Jinsei for helping with the original flounder lists, playing testing games during the week and cheering me on during the tournament. And TY for AxWill for playing needed games on the deck and helping me with ID/241 decisions.

Personal feeling talk:

My goal for the tournament was to place at least 16th. After sweeping my first 3 rounds I started to believe that I actually have a chance to make it into the top cut. So the feeling after loosing or tying all games after that does feel really sad.

I think the last time I felt something so frustrating and crushing was during my time playing Tekken in tournaments. It is not a nice feeling to have. Hopefully I can turn this frustration into something positive while "prepping" for Euro-Africa conts.


5 Aug 2023 Kikai

Keep the faith. This is just one tournament, and a particularly spicy one at that. As long as you played some good games of netrunner with some cool people all is well. ❤️

6 Aug 2023 Bridgeman

Interesting use of oppo research! Nice showing, and keep fighting :)

7 Aug 2023 crowphie

You're everyone's favourite quagsire, friend. Don't let it get you down. <3

9 Aug 2023 Council

Whenever the Runner trashes a Corp card (including Hostile Infrastructure), do 1 net damage.