d1en's Peddle to the Metal (Top 16 Worlds 2016)

d1en 3425

Here's my Runner list from Worlds 2016. As a continued Valencia player, I decided to mod @simonmoon's list that he gave me at Canadian Nationals and turn it into this. Kenny was not happy I had 46 cards, so I opted to play Valencia and go to 50. I was actually going to play my Kate I built at Icebreaker, but people kept hounding that I play Val so I decided to make the runback 2 years in a row with the same Corp and Runner ID's. There are some signature card changes and additions:

-2 Blackmail. Yes I did it again, and got away with it. I saw a lot of counter Bad Publicity at Icebreaker, and decided it was time again to make a cut. You can cut the second Plascrete if your meta isn't kill heavy; that's where the third Blackmail went.

-Rebirth into Kim/Omar/Whizzard too good; gotta keep that tech.

-Turntable because I felt that CtM was the matchup to beat, and keep strong on the scratch game was important in keeping possession of the GFI's. 2 Salsette Slums also to help the matchup.

-Kati Jones just in case for HB:EtF or any big Glacier deck.

-D4v1d because after Icebreaker, I saw lots of high strength ICE and couldn't afford not to be aggressive from the get go.

-Black Orchestra because people were leaning on the Lotus Field tech, and wanted that as a precaution to not getting Yog.0 and Net Ready Eyes online.

-Nerve Agent for the CI matchup, and to punish those who keep durdling me around with 3 agendas in hand.

-2 Deja Vu's because Inject likes to hit all the multi-access and Parasites I have.

-Hades Shard was meant for the BOOM! Shutdown decks, and inadvertently hit the CI I played Round 9.

Otherwise, enjoy the deck, and any questions feel free to ask in the comments!

15 Nov 2016 Thike

Just some not-worth-mentioning round 9 CI match.

17 Nov 2016 dawspawn

I'm a little out of practice with Anarch, but how big of a deal is it to get 3 events stuck on a Street Peddler? I'm used to Peddler from Geist and Hayley, and if you end up with a Levy or something similar in those decks, it's a huge deal, so intentionally kept events low in that deck. I guess none of your events are essential to the deck (and the odds of it happening are still pretty low), but I'm still curious if that's ever a problem.