The Matrix Reloaded (Undefeated/top 32 @ Worlds)

Cpt_nice 1543

I believe in silver bullets

This list carried me to a cool 31st spot at this year's Worlds. It is very similar to Rotage's Yellowtree deck, so I can't take credit for it. I have been playing a 6 agenda list for a while but I found this to just be better. I called that deck The Matrix because I enjoy refering to one of my favorite scifi franchises, and given the ID it feels appropriate.

Changes I made:

  • +1 Public Trail (To keep the runner sharp)
  • +1 IP Block (just a solid ice, especially now 419 is gone)
  • +1 AMAZE (to try out, it did very little)
  • -2 Regolith (I don't like this card)
  • -1 Turnpike (I like this at 3 or 0. I briefly considered playing no sentries but I didn't know what to play in exchange for the Thoth. Maybe this deck should play F2P?)

The deck went 5 - 0 at Worlds, with wins vs 4 Maxx's and 1 Val. I would say it has a good anarch match-up. The Steve match-up is probably a lot more difficult, but by no means horrible. And you absolutely bully Tag-Me Zahya. Adam... Probably ok match-up? I often had multiple snares in HQ and Logic Bomb is bad against you. Against Sunny I would just play a bit faster and riskier. And no one plays shaper, so not relevant.

Thanks for everyone who helped out @ Worlds, it was a blast, yet again! Hopefully see you all soon in person.