Watch for Concussions

Claytron 66

I put Snare! into everything. Its fun, sometimes wins games. keeps people on their toes. Is unexpected in a lot of matchups.

I hadn't played HB in a while and wanted to run something that could keep tempo. Sportsmetal seemed like a good bet. So this is basically a jammy sportsmetal shell with some netdamage. I filled out the influence with Archer - my favorite piece of ice.

I think it could use a lot of tweaking - Ben Musashi really didn't do much for me, should probably be Neural EMP, and the Ash should probably be the third Prisec.

Ran this at the Wegrunner 2019 Regionals. Had fun, did decently. Runner here.

  • Win v. Maxx. Able to rush out against bad draws.
  • Loss v. Maxx. Managed to chronos the deck, but he had an Amakua and got it up to 6 to beat Archer.
  • Loss v. Wu. Three Ksushucks managed enough points. Maybe should have moneyed up and gone a bit slower.
  • Win v. Hayley. Snare! into stimhack death. You can watch it here
  • Loss v. Some runner or another. He snipped agenda after agenda from R&D. It was over in about 5 minutes.