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Brain Rewiring is Not Dead (MWL 2.1) - Brooklyn Strat SC 1st
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lpoulter 955

turn 3

I believe this is the best deck in Netrunner at the moment. List originally copied from @percomis Worlds list

I've been playing and refining the list since Worlds with the general aim to reduce time to combo (T2C) as much as possible. Speed is the best answer to hate.

With T2C in mind I'm running all 3 SOF which makes for an ugly 21 points. I've also added a director Haas after copying the idea from @netjogging. This makes for an even uglier 23 points. However she is an extremely flexible card essentially acting as a 4th biotic and allowing you to score the base combo faster, an extra click is the most flexible combo slot of all. She also opens up more lines such as scoring 7 with a double purge in a single turn. Further more she is rarely stolen as the runner is often poor in an effort to keep up with your speed.

The other major change from the Percomis list is Punitive Counterstrike. This is an extremely good card in this deck, as mentioned the runner is often poor and forced to play aggressively. Counterstrike wins around 30% of games.

Further credit must go to @leachrode with whom I jammed many test games of this list and who helped refine it.

4 Dec 2017 Seamus

I worked so hard not to be a meme this year...

4 Dec 2017 percomis

Hey, grats and thanks for the shoutout :)

How do you utilize Punitive exactly? After you get Sifted?

4 Dec 2017 percomis

Also, why did you go up to 2 Excalibur?

5 Dec 2017 lpoulter

@percomis I find I'm often rich enough to kill after a food score with punative/am/punitive, you can also use in the base combo as a second source of meat. Wanted another ice for more consistency excal was the only option really. Have been meaning to test 2 vanilla also.

5 Dec 2017 davidbillskog

How often and when do you score Efficiency Committee? When I tried this deck it seemed I never scored that one.

5 Dec 2017 leachrode

@davidbillskog Effcom becomes relevant in a couple of situations, first if you're significantly richer than a shaper player but you're a bit lacking in clot hate or combo pieces you can often jam it behind a mogo and advance once. If they don't run it you have a scored effcom which is, bare minimum, one free purge on your combo turn, and if they do they have to sink enough money into breaking the ice that they immediately die to double/triple punitive (bear in mind that their only ways to deal with mogo are femme or atman 4).

The other more common situation is against someone who has no way to stop you scoring out but has some meat damage protection (jarogniew mercs or citadel sanctuary normally) and is rich enough that you probably can't punitive them through it, but who is also lacking in ways to get accesses enabling you to draw a lot of cards (this happens very often against anarch around turn 6-8. Effcom enables multiple separate score out paths in either 1 or 2 turns once you've drawn all your scoring pieces.

In an ideal world you never bother and just combo everyone turn 2-5 before they draw any of their hate but it's a secondary plan.

@percomis It also opens interesting lines if they steal an effcom/show of force before you've drawn your whole combo where you can do stuff like biotic + jeeves out a rewiring then punitive them last click where it's effectively a slightly less click intensive contract killer.

5 Dec 2017 lpoulter

@davidbillskog A classic use of scoring an EFC is that is allows you to next turn score a food and 2 pointer. SFMM(efc, food), adv food *2, take EFC clicks, kagaua or audacity the remaining 7 advancements needed. As @leachrode said is flexible and opens up other kill lines also.

5 Dec 2017 davidbillskog

@leachrode & @lpoulter Thanks for the explanation!

6 Dec 2017 EnderA

What's your strategy with regards to purging away Tapwrm protected by Sacrificial Constructs? Usually a waste of time?

6 Dec 2017 apo

@lpoulter how do you use Director Haas? Surely this deck can't afford to build a remote? Installing her all by herself seems bad, no?

6 Dec 2017 leachrode

@apo You mirrormorph her out mid combo at the same time as installing other pieces (rewiring + contract killer or CVS) then rez her to get the click you spent on mirrormorph back, effectively achieving the same thing as biotic -> mirrormorph except without the biotic

6 Dec 2017 apo

@leachrodewoah me likes it

6 Dec 2017 lpoulter

Yeah use her mid combo in a spare SFMM slot as a BL replacment or use her to pay for the click for a 2nd SFMM for CVS's.

6 Dec 2017 lpoulter

I made a jankteki plugin to make this easier to play plugin

8 Dec 2017 apo

@lpoulter so what's up with turn 2 win? I guess hedge, hedge, vlc would have to be your t1. And that leaves you with 7 cards, of which all would need to be combo pieces. It's like ... not-in-this-lifetime-possibile.

9 Dec 2017 lpoulter

Yeah never done turn 2, turn 3 is my record for full combo. Turn two would be more likely down to some element of cheese, runner with one card in hand and or putative.

9 Dec 2017 lpoulter

Yeah turn 3 is my record for full combo. You could turn 2 with some cheese like runner one card in hand or punitive.

9 Dec 2017 analogBrad


10 Dec 2017 rwknoll

What kind of cards or strategies cause the most disruption to this deck?

Based on what you are describing, it seems like a player would need access to good AND fast economy options, an AI that enables aggressive running, damage protection, and a Clot lock with more than one SacCon in play, all within the first 3 turns or so. Or is there some other card or combo that successfully interferes with your game plan?

11 Dec 2017 triorph

I assume this deck is running Best Defense for the SacCon, but it makes me wonder why you have Scarcity of Resources as your current? If the SacCons are 2 to play then you can't BD them.

This deck seems pretty refined but its definitely assuming that there's not much Employee Strike around.

11 Dec 2017 lpoulter

yeah play the deck risks ES. The scarcity is a combo card really forces Hayley to have a davinci with two counters on to insta speed sac cons. If they don't install them they run the risk of you playing scarcity click one on combo turn.

12 Dec 2017 LSK

What's the 7 point combo you allude to?

13 Dec 2017 lpoulter

15 credits

SFMM (1), EFC(2), Food(1) SFK(3), BL(3), Mem(2), audacity(1) *can do same with vit but first kags on food

Beats no clot - can beat on clot with Hass or pre installed jeeves or CVS

biotic - 4 - 4

biotic - 5 - 8

biotic - 6 - 12

sfmm (ec, ec, food) - 5 - 13

sfk (ec, ec) - 4 - 13

sfk (ec, ec) - 3 - 13

adv, adv ec and score - 1 - 15

take ec clicks - 4

sfk (ec, gfi) - 3 - 15

archived (sfk) - 2 - 15

sfk (ec, gfi) - 1 -15

score ec and take clicks - 4

archived (sfk) - 3

sfk (gfi) - 2

audacity (gfi) - 1 -15 credits