[Startup] Goblin Archive

Rhahi 67

This is my variation of Goblin Cave, which got me started on playing Netrunner on Jnet, not just kitchen table!

The deck structure is largely similar, so go to the original link for general description and strategy. Read the comments, too! Below, I will describe the card variations I've had/thought. This deck has fixed 12 influence for Spin Doctor and SanSan, leaving 3 free for customization.

Rigshooting choices:

Note that The ICE in this deck is annoying/tiny enough so it can tax out boats, if all servers are protected. However, you will be vulnerable to remote sniping on boat + smaller breaker set. Rigshooting helps solve this problem.

  • (1 influence) Rototurret has ETR and is cheap on influence.
  • (2 influence) Archer can be used for Nanisivik or just as a strong ICE on board, after Regenesis score. If runner comes up with an answer while unrezzed, you might want to trash it for Nanisivik Grid.
  • ✅ (3 influence) Ansel sinks boats. This uses up all the remaining influence.

Nanisivik choices

  • ETR: protect the server.
  • 3 net damage: kill, setup Blood in the Water, and stop cautious runner.
  • Shooting decoder: increase tax, threaten kill with Attini
  • Shooting fracter: enable ETR on Tatu-Bola
  • Shooting killer: make archive safer, and installed Bathy scary
  • Shooting boat: great job!
  • You may want to trash other cards for a tempo hit, if it makes sense

Taxing ice choices:

  • ✅ Attini can threaten a kill in a scoring server in a pinch, with help of Anemone/Nanisivik and Fujii. Its tax is similar to Vampy, but it does not help you set up like Vampy does.
  • ✅ Vampyronassa is great for discouraging frequent central runs.

Econ/draw choices:

  • (1 influence) Predictive Planogram or Sprint is great for managing cards. I prefer Predictive Planogram because it can also be used as an econ, helps discarding into archive, and is a soft tag punishment. Recommended if you are not using Ansel.
  • ✅ Tatu-Bola for early gear-check, trojan baiting, and delaying ICE choice in the early game when you don't have the appropriate ICE for the server.
  • Mindscaping might be ok to protect R&D for a turn, but I don't think it's good enough for this deck.

Misc. ICE notes:

  • (2 influence) Ablative Barrier might be useful for securing archive with trashed spin doctor and punishing last click runs.
  • ✅ Bathynomus intended to be used for Nanisivik Grid, but when encountering boat decks, it can also tax the boat until a sentry breaker is out. It is the 45th card that was cut in this deck.
  • ✅ Anemone can be used for scoring a Fujii, if you are out of Regenesis and the runner is on 3 points or less. Stacking Anemone/Attini/Fujii can flatline a runner, if they are out of money or breakers.
  • ✅ Hafrun is a weak gear check, but can stop a run for a turn, And its trash ability is useful for helping Nanisivik and scoring.
  • Karuna is also a good choice if you intend to protect servers with damage, in combination with sentry rig shooting.

Newbie tips for past myself:

  • Don't play Subliminal on the Regenesis turn!
  • Subliminal is also great against sabotages.
  • You need 8 creds to score using SanSan. (and doing so on 8 will cause a big tempo hit)
  • Don't install snare on a SanSan server, it ruins Regenesis.
  • Overinstall on dead Snares, so that it can be cycled back into R&D
  • Hafrun is both barrier and code gate
  • You cannot install Nanisivik on SanSan, they are both regions.