Goblin Cave [STARTUP]

Diogene 4012

Store your valuable agendas in archive and threaten the runner with big damage if they run it! Make 1 a turn for the whole game! Score 4 points in one turn!

Game plan : Score from archive and possibly flatline the runner.

Mulligan plan : Ices in hand.

This is a rework of Holymackerel deck.

I found that I prefers to kill the runner than stop the runs of the runners (which is difficult to do with Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga and Endurance everywhere). Also, I wanted to be able to trash something in hand a bit more, since it enable our gameplan.

For this, I added an Hafrún and Karunā, the first trash a card from hand and the second can hurt the runner as good as Ivik while being much cheaper. Also, I added Subliminal Messaging because it help with Hansei Review and also can give us an additional credit per turn, if the runner does not want to risk hurting themselves.

One important trick for this deck : stack Anemone on archive, so that you can do a massive amount of damage with it and Nanisivik Grid (because of the Bathynomus in archive).

I've been playing this in my local meta (at Silver Goblin, hence the name of the deck) for the past few months and had lot of fun with it. Enjoy!

12 May 2023 edwardhubbard

I like the topic about goblin. I always remember the image of Dobby in Harry Potter. rooftop snipers

12 May 2023 Stinson4eva

I would like to hear more about the steps of building up your win con in this deck. I really like the idea of the deck and I'm concerned on how to set everything up turn by turn. Mainly what do you do if they just ignore archives and go for the other central servers

12 May 2023 Diogene

@Stinson4eva, here is the answer to your question, about runners that would ignore archive. If they ignore archive, it would increase sensibly your chances to win. Because you can then safely put your agendas in it, while making 1 per turn and make a lot of points from Regenesis.

Because once SanSan City Grid is on the board, you can score Regenesis from hand. When it is on the board and unrezzed, it would cost a huge 5 to trash for the runner (unless they use Imp or Scrubber).

Nanisivik Grid always goes first on archive, to protect it, along with Anemone.

Depending on the runners board, you could stop one run with Hafrún. Otherwise, this version of the deck aims to damage the runner. So, if it becomes possible, you can use Nanisivik Grid to fire Rototurret and destroy their sentry breaker (or AI breaker, according to the case).

Send a Message is there to be scored with Regenesis. According to the draw, you might have to score Blood in the Water with Regenesis. But Blood in the Water can also be scored from hand if the runners hand is low (after a Snare! for example).

You can use Simulation Reset and Spin Doctor to break an R&D lock. Unsmiling Tsarevna is a good ice to put for protection, because it tax the runner (3 subs) and does not break our bank. Because, once the runner has Buzzsaw and K2CP Turbine, they can break Vampyronassa for 2, which feels quite bad. If you keep facing such a situation, you could swap the Vampyronassa for additional Karunā or Diviner.

If you have any other questions or if you need more clarifications, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer.

13 May 2023 HolyMackerel

Hey, lovely to see the deck evolving, and thanks for the shoutout :)

I like the rework of the ICE package, though having only 4 ETRs makes me nervous if Nanisivik can defend Archives as well as we want it to. In my current build, I've replaced Tsarevna with another Rototurret and a Sprint to help unbrick hands that don't have all the necessary tools.

Also, an opponent convinced me to replace one Blood in the Water with a Longevity Serum. It's a cheap FA off SanSan, and helps the gameplan by pruning Archives from both ends. Has been great for me so far.

13 May 2023 Diogene

@HolyMackerel, I like the idea of Longevity Serum. I'll give it a spin.

In my meta, I'm encountering rig that make short work of Vampyronassa. So I'll test the ideas I've pointed out to @Stinson4eva.

My aim is to make an archive run a good way to flatline the runner, unless they Pinhole Threading it. It is my way of playing around Endurance and K2CP Turbine. But it comes at the cost of hard ETR.

I think this deck could be tested as a rig shooter. If you focus fire on sentry breakers and have 3x Rototurret, and with only sentries in the deck (maybe also with a cheeky Swordsman), it could make the runner need to spend cards to pass ices. I'm exploring this at the moment.

Thanks for your comments, it is inspiring me to make further tests.