Gabe S3C (Core 2.0 Only)

Pirsig 2

This is the final version of the runner deck I used during the Stimhack Triple Core tournament that ran from Dec 2017 to Feb 2018. This was a revised core only tournament and I ended in the middle of the pack after Swiss. It's certainly not the best deck in the world, but I feel like it did alright considering I just got into netrunner a couple weeks before the start of the tournament.

Mr. Li is pretty much essential to this deck working out because you need to be able to tear through cards, but there's not much in the deck that can be easily trashed without regret. It also pairs well with Special Order, allowing you to bury a breaker you might not need at the time while still having easy access to it. If I didn't get it in my starting hand, I generally mulliganed or regretted not doing so. In general, if Li wasn't down within the first few turns, I lost.

The main problem in the deck is econ, if you don't have the contacts setup the deck often suffers as most people in the tournament were not playing naked remotes to use Bank Job on. This means a lot of the play ended up revolving around forcing the corp to bankrupt themselves and then punishing with Emergency Shutdown and Forged Activation Orders. This is also the reasoning behind the Scrubber and Stimhack splashes.

While Rabbit Hole and Underworld Contact can definitely be hard to get setup, when it was on it allows the rest of the deck to just flow without much slowing down for credits. It also allowed me one very circumstantial win revolving around installing all three Rabbit Hole for free access past Caduceus. That said, any new iteration of this deck would include the removal of these cards in favor of Magnum Opus or Aesop's Pawnshop.

Crypsis is in purely as back up and could probably be removed, but femmeing an enigma because your decoder got trashed is definitely depressing.