Dumblestrike (1st, Cloud Cap Games SC)

grogboxer 428

Meet the new fork, same as the old spork. I made a few random additions to judge the meta. -1 Career Fair for Employee Strike in case of CI or Palana. I played it three times and it did work. Against PE it let me be a bit more aggressive on R&D, against IG I forced them to waste time scoring a Fetal and that let me Medium dig, and against Palana in top-4 I cost them ~8 credits.

Vamp was for CI, but I never faced it.

The Deja Vu is there to recur cutlery without wasting SOT on it (so I could pitch Levy with Faust).

I will say that 2 Career Fair makes the economy a bit more draw dependent, so I was poor in a few games.