minimum viable magical girl (7th, American Continentals)

stoppableforce 576

A couple of weeks before American Continentals, I joked in #louisville that I needed to only play decks that ran either 2 or 3 Rezeki, because the last time I did any good at Netrunner, I was running a bunch of Rezekis. So here we are.

the orb is love, the orb is life. love the orb.

In contrast to the last-minute change to panic CtM, I had pretty well locked in Hoshiko early on. I'd been looking at the Europe Hoshiko from EA Continentals and loved what it had going on, but honestly didn't find the Special Order worth it, nor did I find No One Home that compelling. I swapped the NOH for a Rebirth, borrowed a page from whiteblade's Freedom deck and added a cheeky Falsified Credentials over the Special Order, and then took the suggestion of iref from the Europe Hoshiko writeup and traded the 2 Daily Casts out for Zer0. Honestly, after playing with it, I think that might be wrong too - the deck might actually want Labor Rights. That might be a kneejerk reaction from getting Rebirth and Engolo zapped by my own Zer0 at various times, but I digress.

In the Swiss:

  • lost to a rigshooter Outfit game 1 because Zer0 hit Engolo, Ark Lockdown at it, and when I stole an SDS I trashed Black Orchestra knowing damn well that it's Weyland, they can fetch another Ark Lockdown out of nowhere, and that's just what they did.
  • round 2 I lost to @boreira on Palana. I had 6 points (an SSL and an Obokata I think?). My opponent had placed an unadvanced card into the remote last click. I ended my turn by doing some build-up stuff, then running R&D last click for a TTW counter to build up for an actual assault, then noticed I was on one card. I said to him "if that's Philotic in the remote, I'm going to feel very stupid." Dear reader, it was a Philotic and I did feel very stupid.
  • round 3 I swept, and I know it was against @DanB, but I don't remember much else about it. This is why I should've done these notes yesterday. Sorry Dan.
  • round 4 I was up against a Titan and touched agendas until I won. I remember Hippo'ing both the HQ and R&D ice so I had unrestricted access to touch agendas all day long. That's how I recommend you beat Titan: Just Take An Atlas (and some foods).
  • round 5 was against an Asa, but not the one I expected, instead I got Recoco combos. I finished the game with 10 points in my score area but 6 of them were Project Vacheron (thanks to a turn where I literally ran R&D three times for TTW counters and instead I stole 2x Vacheron and a Cyberdex Sandbox), and I failed to find the 3rd one to keep it from being scored out. Sometimes I think about the Black File.
  • round 6 was vs a GameNET (one of the normal ones, not one of the exciting ones). I got to 6 points decently fast, then rebirthed into Omar (the only time all day I didn't rebirth into Quetzal). The win went into the bin, where I ignored it for several turns until my opponent could AA it back into deck. Oops. Game got down to the wire, clearly an agenda in the remote, I ran R&D via Archives, got in there to see 1/2 the remaining cards but with only 4 credits, and stole the last agenda I could've stolen - an SSL.
  • round 7 I ID'd.

Sadly, the cut was way less dramatic.

  • Round 1 I was doing okay until I made a misclick that IMO cost me the game - I ran R&D instead of HQ early on and ran into an IP Block that my opponent rezzed before I could realize my mistake. I had to let it trace and couldn't end my turn with a tag so I had to pay a backbreaking 6 to trace through it, and I was on the back foot the whole game.
  • Round 2 I corped.
  • Round 3 I played @aunthemod's PE deck, which I was frankly terrified of because I always do so poorly against net damage decks in general and PE specifically, but Hoshiko's innate draw pretty much carried me through - I stole an Obokata early from R&D, ate an Anansi to the face (triggering an IHW) to steal a The Future Perfect from the remote, and then found another TFP in hand and bid 1 to steal it for the win. The only bad thing about this matchup was that it meant I knocked a friend out of the top cut. :(
  • Round 4 I corped vs. NetDad's Val, a matchup covered in my corp deck's writeup, and lost. Womp womp.

It was a pretty great day all in all, and I'm looking forward to Intercontinentals now!

3 Aug 2020 iref

Congratulation on great result and good luck at intercontinentals! I hope you like a deck. I played about 6 games with Zer0 and I have to agree it isn't what I hoped it to be. I am trying Gachapon now but I am not very happy with it either. :)

I like swaps. NOH is probably influenced by our local meta where weyland rush/kill is quite popular and is on my list of swappable cards. I didn't use special order in the last 6-8 games so i am thinking about cutting it too.

3 Aug 2020 Janktivist

Solid. Meta. Call.

18 Jul 2024 priyanka0

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