Europe Hoshiko [Top16 @ EurAfr 2020]

iref 170

This is corp I took to EurAfr 2020 tournament. It got me 3 wins (AoT, Asa, Outfit) and 3 loses (Asa, Ag, Argus) and helped me to submarine my way to top 16 (my best tournament placement ever).

// obligatory submarine gif


I've originally built this deck after watching swifty on B-COM stream. Thinking that Rezeki is a pretty clever option how to offset Hoshiko penalty and that drawing Boomerang without click at the late game seems like fun. So after the tournament, I built my own version and I've been tuning it. Than Nisei dropped new ban list and it was back to the drawing board. Film Critic retired to Florida but Engolo and Paperclip were back so breaker suite got more efficient. I expected lot of Titan and other fast decks so the last influence was spent on Special Order to act as poors-man second Engolo. Special mention goes to @krasty for suggesting Odore exists and I actually have enough virtual resource to support it 3 days before tournament. I ended up with two flex slots and tested different options like spooned, mining accident but 14 events seem like too many for peddler deck (12 is probably borderline too). Two days before the tournament I decided I am thinking about this too much and that money is always good so I added 2 Daily Casts and call it a day. In retrospective, these should probably be Zer0.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this version but someone smarter than me can probably improve it. I think most loses were pretty close and I could probably play those games better.

Big thanks to organizers for great tournaments and all the opponents for fun and intense games.

Special thank you to fellow Czech/Slovak Netrunner players for supporting me all weekend and for keeping game strong in the Czech Republic.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Congrats on a great performance and very happy to see that B-COM inspired you :-) (I was running the very barebones stream from there, haha). Good luck with the Intercontinentals!

27 Jul 2020 iref

Cheers! Stream was great! Isnt intercontinentals just top8?

27 Jul 2020 ValkyriezGaming

@irefI've been playing Engolo Hoshiko for a few weeks now (including APAC) and I've been umming and aaahhhing about doing the Special Order instead of the second copy. Did you have any issues finding either or did the free influence on Boomerang help you through?

28 Jul 2020 iref

I don't think I had games where I couldn't find my breakers or Boomerangs fast enough. I think boomerangs help against rush a lot and between Hoshiko draw, DreamNet and street peddlers you can go through your deck pretty fast.

It's been ok even versus Titan but I haven't played many games against it so it may vary for you. In the worst-case scenario, I just slam Black Orchestra for a turn or two.