Suicide Squad

eedok 111


Wow, this is by far the most efficient runner deck I've ever put together, taking an average of 2.4 clicks to close out games, all while the corp just sits and watches powerless to do anything about it. 23 Seconds may be the latest datapack but this deck rarely requires even half that amount of time to finish.

Card Analysis

ID - Null - His ability is the only one that synergizes with this decks strategy, lets you get rid of a key card to ensure a kill


Faust - This is the Power card to empty your hand as quick as possible by boosting the strength, most games go Install faust->Boost until 1 self damaging card for the flatline

Test Run - Gets Faust out

Titanium Ribs - 2 self damage and you can target it, amazing value


Amped Up - Just amazing gives you clicks and brain damage what more could you want(also a great Same Old Thing Target)

Stimhack / Brain Cage / Skulljack - Brain damage just goes good with the strategy of the deck

The Noble Path - Empties your hand with 1 click, synergizes great with Street Peddler

Akshara Sareen - Costs nothing to install, gives a click, like a free hand size reduction

Making An Entrance - if you don't get the kill in your opening hand this helps speed it up

Deja Vu/Inject/Uninstall/Same Old Thing/Off-Campus Apartment - Don't really fit but need to get to 45 cards, feel free to replace them as more self damaging cards come out

10 Game Playthrough Sample

Game 1 RP) They Play Celebrity Gift(Showing the Grail Suite) and Ice HQ Click 1)Street Peddler getting a spinal jack on it, Click 2) Emptied Mind R & D topdecking a future perfect, once the run is over pop the street peddler for the flatline

Game 2 against HBetf: They make 2 remotes and ice 1 of them Click 1) Test Run Faust Click 2) Stimhack for the flatline, faceplant a turing

Game 3 against Palana: They draw a card, ice HQ, upgrade HQ Click 1) Test Run Faust Click 2) Brain Cage for the flatline

Game 4 against Harmony Medtech: They Install 2 Remotes, Advance 1 Click 1) Making an Entrance Click 2) Draw Test Run 3) Test Run Faust 4) Stimhack for the flatline

Game 5 against HBetf: Draw, Ice HQ, new Remote Click 1) Akshara Sareen 2) Titanium Ribs 3) stimhack

Game 6 against medtech: Gain Credit Ice HQ Ice R & D Click 1)Akshara Sareen 2) Street Peddler 3) Street Peddler 4) Install Brain Cage & Skulljack from Street Peddler for the flatline

Game 7 against Biotech: Install Jackson, Jackson Draw Ice HQ Click 1)Faust 2)Stimhack for the flatline

Game 8 against Palana: draw Ice HQ, gain 1 Click 1)Amped Up 2) Same Old thing 3) Noble Path 4 & 5) Amped up from the SOT

Game 9 against Palana: Hedge Fund Ice HQ Ice R & D Click 1) Faust 2) Stimhack for the flatline

Game 10 against Harishchandra ent) Draw Draw Sweeps Week Click 1) Titanium Ribs 2) Street Peddler 3) Amped Up for the flatline


See how these fine players having the pleasure of being matched up with this fine deck:

22 Jul 2016 siahofmars


22 Jul 2016 internet_potato

if this is a social experiment to prove that "gg" has lost all meaning in modern society, then the point is well-made!

22 Jul 2016 m44ladd

That'll show 'em!!!

22 Jul 2016 GrantZilla1979

pretty good i guess but what's your answer to the dreaded turn 1 no-Jackson Power Shutdown?

22 Jul 2016 eedok

@GrantZilla1979 to be dead by the time the run which enables the shutdown finishes

22 Jul 2016 tzeentchling

This is quite powerful! I don't see a way even a dedicated corp can prevent your from achieving your win condition here.

22 Jul 2016 CirclMastr

The corp might be able to foil you with Reversed Accounts and Dedication Ceremony to wipe out your money turn 1, then if you try to run they can Power Shutdown turn 2 for the win. Something to keep in mind with your Stimhack strategy.

22 Jul 2016 tzeentchling

True! There's 3 free influence, just enough for three Easy Mark so that even a dastardly corp can't keep you from Test Running or play a Faust!

22 Jul 2016 eedok

@tzeentchling Faust causes -3 influence so there's no influence free

22 Jul 2016 0j3t3c4l0r

I like this deck just for the lulz

22 Jul 2016 Ditaki


23 Jul 2016 ism

You're missing a vital opportunity to be using Stim Dealer. You can potentially get up to 2 extra clicks to pay cards via resources alone or get a free brain damage if the deck actually lasts to turn 3. Cut the uninstalls.

23 Jul 2016 eedok

@Eris_Another Stim Dealer too inefficient, and uninstall is for the Titanium Ribs -> Uninstall -> Titanium Ribs combo

25 Jul 2016 Everfree616

I hit three games in a row against people running this deck on Confused the heck out of me until I realised this deck was a thing.

29 Jul 2016 underflow

I can't help but feel that the off-campus should be a test-run #3, or a diesel.

30 Jul 2016 eedok

@underflow don't have the influence for it once MWL2.0 hits, Faust eats the 3 inf not used here