The Trick is to Use Power Shutdown, Turn 2

CactusJack 117


Wait, we haz noze mizziles!

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This Suicide Squad for the discerning Corp player. Unfortunately, unlike Suicide Squad, the fastest this deck can lose in is 2 turns. The slowest it can lose depends on how quickly you can get out all 3 Sensie Actors Union, Daily Business Show, and 1 Jackson Howard to overdraw and dump everything into Archives (a self-milling prophecy).

It's actually a really interesting tool for examining the mindset of runners as well. Some are super paranoid, and will trash your Sensie Actors Union ASAP - even though they have no idea what you're doing with it. Even when you tell them they don't need to do anything but sit back, set up their rig, and wait - some still don't believe you and will run anyway.

You do need the 1 run though....

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Yes Captain, it is, and

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6 Oct 2016 runningman

I don't quite understand.............

Why the beanstalks? why power shutdown?

6 Oct 2016 FarCryFromHuman

An Offer You Can't Refuse will get it done turn 1...

6 Oct 2016 runningman

oh I get it. you are trying to lose!


6 Oct 2016 CactusJack

@runningmanCorrect. Beanstalk = Filler/recovery from Account Siphon. Power Shutdown = win. Here's how that works: Turn 1 get PS. Turn 1 Runner - Runs somewhere (doesn't matter). Turn 2 Corp, play PS, 2nd click whatever, 3rd click draw = win. @FarCryFromHumanI thought about it. May have to try it.

7 Oct 2016 EnderA

An Offer You Can't Refuse doesn't work because the run has to be on their turn.

My I suggest Mumbad City Hall and Consulting Visit? Together they can fetch Power Shutdown. Also, Lily Lockwell for clickless draw to kill yourself the same turn you install MCH from hand. Also, Subliminal Messaging for econ and incentive to run.

Turn 1a: Subliminal, Install MCH/Lily/Tech Startup/Sensie/DBS, Whatever

Turn 1b: Runner runs anything

Turn 2a: (i) Install MCH from hand, MCH -> CV -> PS, rez Lily to kill yourself, (ii) MCH or Tech Startup in play, MCH -> CV -> PS, click to draw, (iii) CV -> PS, click to draw, (iv) PS, click to draw.

Note that you could also switch to Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center and add Advanced Assembly Lines to kill yourself with the ID ability.

7 Oct 2016 CactusJack

@EnderA I like the cut your jib, sir! I chose the TWIY* for the reason it's a 40 card minimum. S'lot o' influence, though... Oh well, I was planning on building a Weyland version anyway :P