The Bank Brings Good News (1st Place Calgary Regionals)

Sokka 3663

This deck went 3-1 at Calgary regionals beating Smoke, losing to Alice, beating Hayley, and then getting revenge on that Alice beating her in the finals. My Kabonesa Wu deck went 5-0 and can be found here.

Unlike most Titan players these days, I think cutting the second Biotic for 2x Hard-Hitting News is worth the threat and potential tempo hit for the runner. In the finals, both copies of Hard-Hitting News were essentially 8-12 cost operations that bought me 2 very crucial turns that allowed me to score Project Atlas. Red Level Clearance is very good in Titan as it allows clickless draw to get through an RnD lock as well as a clickless way to install Reconstruction Contract or Cyberdex Virus Suite. Cutting one RLC for an Ark Lockdown was very much worth it considering Clot was in 50% of my games on the day. You can also use it to catch off guard a few Anarchs who discard their conspiracy breakers. The one Consulting Visit is what justifies all this with the ability to find Hard-Hitting News, High Profile Target, or Ark Lockdown. It also allows you to Consult for Audacity to score your final Hostile Takeover when your opponent is sitting there with a Clone Chip on the board and a Clot in the Heap like I did in my first game against Smoke.

I think Rashida Jaheem is not worth playing in Titan. Despite being very good in the early game, she gets trashed very easily in the late game which gives the runner extra accesses on RnD runs or better chances of hitting agendas out of HQ. The final match involved a lot of single accesses and I think if Rashida was in the deck I would have lost that game. I also know that the 3 influence from the Global Food Initiatives might be tempting to spend elsewhere but I think they’re worth the influence and the restricted slot because lowering the agenda points available to the runner in a deck where the centrals aren’t very heavily defended is extremely important if you don’t want to lose to random single accesses.

Thank you to everyone who continues to play this beautiful game and especially to @zerothmaxima for running a great tournament!

14 Jul 2019 nychuus

Used this in a recent GNK. 12/10, would use again unless heavy meta tech.

From experience, I think Jaheem is a shaky include. There were times when I feel like I could use it to bait a forced run, or I had all the tools but not the agendas. The other times were exactly as you mentioned.

If you absolutely HAD to include Rashida Jaheem, what would you cut?

14 Jul 2019 Sokka

@nychuus I’m glad you’re enjoying the deck!

If I HAD to include Rashida and I want to keep the kill package then I would cut the 2 Fast Tracks and cut an Audacity because Rashida drawing more cards would replace the need to Fast Track and would also probably draw you double Audacity to hand more often with 3x (which is useless).

Originally the deck was tested without the kill package and the 3 Rashida slots came from -2 Hard-Hitting News, -1 High-Profile, -1 Consult, -1 Ark Lockdown, +1 Red Level, +1 Biotic. That’s what it would look like going all in on fast-advance but with the current version you can justify the Ark Lockdown much better with the 1x Consult rather than relying on drawing the 1 copy of Ark at the right time (and it feels bad to use an Atlas token). Ultimately those changes were made for the reasons described in the description