Big Towers Don't Cry (1st Manchester Regional)

lordofthetoasters 348

Almost exclusively stolen lists for this tournament (Leela was card for card Diesel Waltz and this was two cards away from The Bank Brings Good News).

Not much to say about the lists that hasn't already been said. Crowdfunding continued to dominate pre-ban, and while Leela was everywhere, this seemed like a reasonable choice - can't deny me econ if the game's already over. That said, Grant and DoF were a pain to deal with, even with 2B2F.

Across two rounds of swiss (used a bye and ID'd R4) and 3 games in the cut:

  • Played 0 HHN or HPT
  • Played 2 games with neither player seeing an Atlas
  • No one even tried to bypass my Guard

This is probably the only place to do a Leela write up as well. Goes something like Green Goo good, Blue Goo bad.