Another Convenienceshop - Post-MWL

Trilkin 40

99.9% of the credit for this deck goes to @kookoobah for their excellent decklist. This is primarily their deck with a few changes to make it MWL-friendly while also giving another potential scoring avenue against tagme.

The only changes here are: -1 AstroScript Pilot Program, -2 Traffic Accident, +1 Project Beale and +2 Psychographics.

It is both intended to be tech against tagme and to make the list MWL-compliant. The loss of two Traffic Accidents does hurt the potential punch of the deck and the loss of an Astroscript means a less effective train. I'll be experimenting with other possible ways to punish runners that like to float tags, but for now this seems like a solid update to an already solid deck.

Any feedback is always welcome!

7 Jan 2016 Space Cowboy

Do you find you have enough econ in this deck?

7 Jan 2016 Trilkin

@Thrash Bagwell Yeah. Cheap ice. I don't really need much money. Psychographics really isn't intended to be used to fully score out with; it's meant for a quick two or three points that only costs one click. The runner hitting Explodes and the event econ I already have is more than sufficient.

15 Jan 2016 internet_potato

I went to 2 scorched + 3 TA (and kept 3 astros) post-MWL, but that's been really painful (drug dealer + end turn with 5 = no kill). I'm thinking about going to this mix.

I had also considered swapping traffic accident for Aggressive Negotiation and/or changing out a 1-pointer (probably TGTBT) for The Future is Now to make it easier to assemble the kill.

16 Jan 2016 Trilkin

@internet_potatoThat's not a bad set of changes, honestly. TGTBT already seems unnecessary in a deck relying on 24/7 opportunities, but it does keep the running honest in multi-access situations. Aggressive Negotiation might be better if aiming for the kill, but I went with Psycho instead for people that run triple Plascretes and just go tagme. Easy to get out a big Beale - especially if you tutor it with TFIN which makes that even better of an idea than TGTBT. I'm going to try swapping it in.