Tanktop Haarp Butchershop - 2nd Place PSI Games (Oct 11)

kookoobah 1177

I love flatline decks, and I've been looking for a decent upgrade to Butchershop for a while now. This deck went 5-0 during the tournament, beating 3 PPVP Kates, Hivemind Valencia and a Noise.

I saw Mediohxcore's Haarp Butchershop a week or so before the tournament, playtested it, and decided that I needed Closed Accounts to slow down Kate, and I wanted a solid codegate ETR to draw out a breaker, or make them waste an SMC on Parasite. I cut 2 Pop-up Windows to fit this in.

All Seeing I was close to useless since I faced a lot of Kate decks and they don't have a lot of targets. Film Critic is painful though, and I think all my Kate opponents found their Film Critics early.

I don't remember drawing Shattered Remains, but I want to keep it in since Plascretes really hurt the deck's speed. Install, advance, advance, behind 2 ICE is solid for this deck.

24/7 makes this deck Tier 1, but QPM really puts it into the stratosphere because it gives you 24/7 food AND it allows you to actually have a decent chance of scoring out. Old NEH Butchershop RARELY scored out, maybe 1 out of 10 games, and if you were trying to score out with NEH Butchershop, it means you were losing. Getting 1 free point from QPM, lets you get that much closer, and if you get 2 free points, that's GG.

News Team lets you chuck Explode-a-paloozas into Archives more regularly since they will probably take it as a -1 agenda point.

Haarpsichord is better than SYNC for this because Butchershop loses to YOLO runs after the runner decides to take all the tags, and the ID plus News Team will really slow that down. SYNC does nothing if the runner goes tag me, especially against PPVP Kate.

I'd go -1 All Seeing I and +1 Closed Accounts. MAYBE cut the Shattered Remains for another ICE, maybe Enigma, Quandary or Pop-up. Or a 2nd DBS.

14 Oct 2015 Dydra

Only thing that 24/7 News Cycle triggers is Breaking News and AstroScript Pilot Program. Although I can definitely see the benefit of both, you still need to sack an Agenda.

For the sake of optimum plays, let's say that you want to add a counter to Astro. You sac a 1 pointer which is not breaking news, so you can FA ... what? Another 1/3 ( and you get at flat even from the effect)? Another Astro, and continue your choo-choo way to victory? Wait, you need only 1 counter to do that and you would already have it on your astro. ( still a total +1 on the agenda score). You could FA Explode-a-palooza , but the point of that card is to get hit by the runner and it will get both of your tokens out,without the chance to FA further.

So all in all, as I do agree the card is Bonkers ( hello Nisei MK II , House of Knives for 6 counters?) you are definitely not leveraging the most out of it while playing a 3x.

14 Oct 2015 Dydra

btw I'm curious, was this a tournament where all people had versions of Data and Destiny from GenCon? Or the big box was legal without being printed for the masses?

14 Oct 2015 percomis

@Dydra I think the sole purpose of 24/7 is to give the runner tags with Breaking News. You don't need to leverage it any further than that. Also, this was held on OCTGN where all the cards are available for everyone :)

14 Oct 2015 kookoobah

@Dydra Not sure if you are trolling, haha. You only use 24/7 to tag the runner, then kill them. Think of it as a SEA Source that gives 2 tags, and instead of needing credits, you need a Breaking News and any other agenda. I think you would use 24/7 to put a counter on Astroscript maybe one out of 50 games or something.

This was on online tournament, as @percomismentioned.

14 Oct 2015 Dydra

Okey, glad to know that it was at even ground. I strongly dislike cards handicap. Otherwise I was looking simply at the non-obvious interaction with Breaking News. I guess I'm a Shaka player ...

Btw only the ""when scored" resolves, right? Not the rest? So the 2 tags don't get removed after the end of the turn.

14 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

@Dydra, I would like to say that they don't get removed. Since you have not actually scored BN out, just resolving the "when scored" ability.

14 Oct 2015 sjohn

The tags do not get removed at the end of the turn.

15 Oct 2015 profwacko

Congrats Dale! Great deck.

16 Oct 2015 Waltzard

Woah, just 9 ice. That's terrifying. I guess the gig is to not care if the runner goes wild, murder him before he gets 7? I hadn't run into that concept before. Definitely a cool way to play.

16 Oct 2015 manveruppd

Replacing the Midseasons with SEA Source might help against film critic. You don't need to have found the kill pieces to trash him if they have a tag. And you can turn on traffic accidents with the Breaking News/24/7 combo anyway, so you don't need Midseasons for that.

19 Oct 2015 atashi

Wonderful deck! If i may ask: How did you play around the film critic?

19 Oct 2015 SneakdoorMelb

This deck is madness. I swapped out All Seeing i for SEA Source because most decks don't seem to have both Critic and Plascrete. The 24/7 combo with Breaking News is insane. Love it.

24 Oct 2015 Heartthrob

with Closed Accounts to keep them poor you may consider Archangel a good replacement for Shattered. Gives you a different way to knock out those pesky Plascretes AND it serves as another taxing ice. Like the build, though!

24 Oct 2015 8shanrahan

Don't cut shattered remains. It will hit pretty often, and when it does, you will be on your way victory. It's really hard to recur hardware, and knocking out plascretes and clone chip is a huge advantage.

9 Nov 2015 Destragon

-1 Data Raven +1 Information Overload?

13 Nov 2015 666Raziel

Now that DLR are everywhere, shouldn't you keep The All Seeing I (and maybe add 1 more) ?

18 Nov 2015 kookoobah

@atashi I try to score behind multiple Data Ravens to tax them. Film Critic is rough.

@Destragon If they are tagged, I think it's better to just find a way to kill them instead.

@666Raziel Yes, possible, but it doesn't stop Val though.

24 Nov 2015 argaille