CTZ_FOUR_ONE_WON (1st Kublacon ‘18)

ctz 2993

1/4 assets are good. Play them. Weyland ice is better than other ice. Standoff + TS + ice is real good

28 May 2018 Simone Suka

i was on a similar build, had ravens over batty. Thats so much better

28 May 2018 Nordrunner

You are speak highly of Weyland ICE. I have not played with Battlement much, perhaps you can enlighten me as to why you play 3, and if you think it is a 4 influence worthy piece of ICE.

28 May 2018 LSK

Yeah I'm also confused by Battlement (over e.g. Vanilla).

28 May 2018 hsiale

In Weyland you don't have to worry much about influence cost of Weyland ice ;)

28 May 2018 Sforza

Battlement seems fairly well positioned to defend against Kongomato and Ghbahli as you would need both or a Grappling Hook in combination.

28 May 2018 Nordrunner

@hsiale Yes, I am aware of how influence works. I am just not sure if the power of the card matches the influence needed to play it in other factions. @SforzaAs soon as I posted I thought of this. Makes sense, especially if you know you are going to see those cards.

29 May 2018 ctz

Battlement is for those pirate nerds. I want them to either have to have 2 dinos or hook + dino. That's all :)

29 May 2018 Cluster Fox

True, but for an extra credit you get a Spiderweb, which requires Grappling Hook. Wouldn't that be a better choice?

29 May 2018 BizTheDad

@Nordrunner, who are you kidding? You don't know anything.

30 May 2018 Simone Suka

what would you cut for Wake Up Call?

30 May 2018 ctz

Nothing. Wake up call damage doesn't have to happen. Urban has to happen.

1 Jun 2018 dr00

@nordrunner influence doesn't mean a card is powerful. it just means it's more in the colour pie of that particular faction. in that sense, the designers felt that a 3-cost barrier with 2 etr subs fit weyland more than other factions. everyone has wall of static as an alternative after all.

2 Jun 2018 Nordrunner

@dr00 There are cases where I believe you are correct, and often it will work both ways, but in my experience, influence is more often a reflection of how a card interacts with other factions, because that's what influence is, using a card in other factions.