Ryper v1.0 - 2nd York SC (26 person event)

rotage 2951


This is the list I took to the York store championship and came 2nd in. It went 2-0 in Swiss (I IDed 3 rounds but it did win 2 friendlys during the IDs) and it went 2-1 in the cut only losing to eventual winner rotomappliance

The concept is pretty straight forward you try to rush out very hard and destroy the runner's breakers if they dare try to interrupt you scoring your precious agendas

Card Choices

Global Food Imitative - I hate real 3 point agendas so I will try to avoid playing them unless they are critical to the deck, my choices here were GFI or CST but with card slots at a premium I opted for this

Ark Lockedown - Being a rig shooter against anarch is quite hard (althoygh you do corroder instead of paperclip in some cases) so this can be handy to remove breakers they throw in the trash, also good vs shaper if they don't have CC to save their breaker

Trojan Horse - In most games I was richer then the runner, and in some cases a lot richer so this card was my MVP of the day no one was expecting it and even when they had seen it on central accesses there was often not much they could do about it

Taurus - I figured I might see some 419 with security nexus so I wanted an option to use against this

Swordsman- I really hate Aumakua

The Event

Round 1 - I faced Jamie who was on Adam, I rushed hard as I had seen that they had logic bombs which I had no way to destroy, I managed to score some early agendas and bait some runs to waste logic bombs. I was on 5ap with the Atlas and Audicity in hand when they stole the Atlas putting us both on match point, I managed to draw another one and shore up HQ so I was able to squeeze out the win
Round 2 - I faced Simon who was on Ken, it became apparent this was a event based deck as they installed commet, I slowly started setting up and had an option to use Trojan Horse but it would have bankrupted me so I opted not to, I managed to rez a rototurret to kill their Amina and they immediately used Ark Lockdown to remove it as I suspect they had Levy in the list (they did) then I just put codegate everywhere including archives as I suspected sneakdoor (which they tried) eventually they conceded with all servers locking them out
Round 3 - Having won my first 4 games I offered my opponent an ID they accepted
Round 4 - I wanted to have a walk and sort out some stuff in the hotel so again IDed
Round 5 - Figuring I might as well carry on the theme of spending the weekend in York not actually playing Netrunner I IDed again

Cut Round 2 - I faced Ian who was Apoc Val who also kinda knew what my list was doing, I managed to score out while Ian was unable to find his Black Orchestra
Cut Round 3 - I faced Nemo who was on 419, I mulliganed into an ish hand and had to rez Bullwark as I had agendas in HQ they immediately derezzed it with Muertus Gang Mamber I realised this wouldn't be a normal game. We both setup and they had GPI net taps down, I managed to use Trojan Horse to kill Aumakua, They got another one and I was able to purge with ice covering all servers, with a Taurus on archive stopping using GPI net tap to farm tokens and a Swordsman on one of the other servers and othere nasty ice elsewhere (I cant remember the rest) I then managed to Audicity out the winning Atlas
Cut Round 6 - I was now down to the last two players and faced Rotomappliance they knew my list so I wouldn't be able to cheese out a win. I scored and early atlas from remote with a token, and then scored out another atlas without a token and then used this token to fetch the last atlas and get to 6AP, I just needed to find a hostile to win. Rotom realised this too and constantly checked R&D and kept poking HQ, even though I drew a lot I kept missing the Hostile and Rotom eventually won

Final Thoughts

Having only done a few test games against Rotage1 I was pleased how the deck went, there are no obvious changes I would make as most cards did what I wanted them too. Taurus is probabely the most questionable choice here

11 Mar 2019 3N1GM4

I should have kinda known your list and yet I feel I would have lost even quicker if you'd found an Ark Lockdown, lol. Well played and congrats on getting the Regional bye!

11 Mar 2019 rotage

I did find one, I was greedy and wanted to move all 3 MK ultras from the bin :) Thanks, I'll bring some new "fun" decks to Chatteris :)

12 Mar 2019 Yukon

Well this is fun. jammed a couple games on Jnet. it was fun for 1 of us. however would be better with brainstorm.

12 Mar 2019 Saan

Nice to see a Rigshooter out there again doing work =)

12 Mar 2019 Krasty

Very nice deck. I think when Downfall will be released almost two nice ad-ons will come ... for sure Trebuchet and (maybe) SDS Drone Deployment ... cannot wait to test it .. :o)

12 Mar 2019 rotage

@ConphasPeople did assume I had brainstorm in the list, I do miss it and it will be back, glad you are having fun

@Saan Thanks, not dabbled much in Rigshooter before but it has been a lot of fun :)

@Krasty Thanks, interesting question, I am not a fan of real 5/3 agendas however SDS is a natural fit in the deck so I'd need to look at it. Trebuchet will defintely be looked at it, it can probabely take the spot of Taurus if nothing else

13 Mar 2019 Tolaasin

How about Wake Up Call over Taurus?

13 Mar 2019 rotage

@TolaasinI considered it but it gives the runner two choices and as we are not a kill deck, they will likely always take the 4 damage which does not advance our game plan