Ryper v1.01 2nd Salford SC

Tolaasin 815

I was looking for a deck that was likely to have game against Stabby Foxx, and it's relatives, and after some late night chats with rotage and a massive 2 practice games on jnet, I took this to 2nd place at the Salford SC, where it went 4-2, beating Stabby Foxx, Good stuff Leela twice, Gpi Taps 419 (booooooo), with losses to Taps 419 (not the bad taps), and Reg Val.

Minor changes from rotage's Ryper deck for the meta were replacing 1 Preemptive Action by Fast Track to be able to take advantage of early scoring windows, and replacing Taurus by Trebuchet, which I don't think I rezzed all day.

Rigshooting isn't a terrible choice in the current meta, but careful, rich runners have plenty of game, and it's a bit of a nailbiting deck to play, you have to take some risks.

Plays of the day - choosing to only take 1 atlas token to score on click 2 and use the last click to lockdown Laamb, and locking down 3 crowdfundings (again).

Props to all my opponents for being such excellent sports, and to @mcg for being an awesome TO.

31 Mar 2019 Tolaasin

The careful reader will note that I forgot to change the decklist for the Fast Track that I was playing.

31 Mar 2019 rotage

Congrats on the result :)

Apologies for only 2 hostile