Supplikate 1.1 (Isle of Gamers SC winner - Santa Clara, CA)

westonodom 1106

I took this version to another store championship today and took 1st place (of 18 participants) with it. I'll leave the original description below:

Took this to a store championship today and finished in 4th overall of about 55 people (3rd after 6 rounds of swiss, then cut to top 8). I only dropped one game with it during swiss (round 2, 6-7 loss to NEH, missed the winning agenda by one card on R&D), and then once in my second game of top 8 when I just got Ice Walled to death by Tennin and didn't have enough tokens to get in (plus losing every Caprice psi game on the scoring remote). It went 6-2 on the day altogether.

Overall I'm extremely happy with it. It's really pleasant to have a decent Replicating Perfection matchup where we can both just take a few turns and get setup. I think I'm going to make one change before the next store championship, that being dropping Feedback Filter and adding Snowball. I probably won't use it a ton, but it means I can't just get locked out with barriers, and also lets me be a little more liberal with using Scavenge for Imp and D4v1d.

Speaking of Imp and D4v1d, those two cards pulled so much weight. Tollbooths, Grims, and Wormholes were nothing for D4v1d, and Imp did serious work against fast advance and meat damage decks. Round 5 was against a Government Takeover kill deck and I trashed all 3 Scorched Earths and 2 Punitive Counterstrikes with it, just refreshing it with scavenge over and over.

The idea for it originally came from seeing all the drip decks people are playing out of criminal (most notable popularized by Nordrunner with his And4omeda list. I saw all of them and couldn't help but think the only reason to play it in criminal was for the slightly better opening hand in Andromeda, but I think Kate does just about everything else better in this type of build - better draw, better breakers, more utility cards, discount on hardware (R&D Interface for 1 credit off of The Supplier is great).

The Andromeda version is a fine list and it definitely does do some things that this one doesn't, but I'm really loving this one and think it deserves some more play. Please, feel free to post questions, comments, critiques, or anything else. I really love this list and if you see an improvement I've missed I'd definitely like to hear it.

edit - Oh, almost forgot! I was doing a lot of learning on the go with it today since I'm not very experienced with Imp and D4v1d, but the one rule I had that I stuck to was that my opening hand had to have The Supplier. If it didn't, I took a mulligan. If it did, I kept. Period. Sometimes it's hard to pass on a hand with decent econ and some utility, but I think having The Supplier down is just too key.

6 Apr 2015 scantrell24

Looks like a fun deck. Thanks for sharing your list.